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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Explanation of Personal Injury Law

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Due to the fact that personal injury law is so complex, it is always recommended that a lawyer be hired in order to solve a personal injury case. There are many factors to consider when hiring a personal injury attorney, and ultimately, feeling comfortable with this decision. Weighing specific factors like the severity of the injury attained, costs of medical bills, the permanence of the injury, and the pain and suffering you are experiencing are all important issues that must be considered before pursuing your right to damage claims. Read More

Consumer Recalls – Product Liability

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When someone is injured due to a product that is faulty or dangerous, this is known as a Product Liability lawsuit. These lawsuits stem from poorly manufactured, unsafe, unlabeled or mislabeled products – like a gas grill that leaks and catches fire; a faulty tire that explodes on the highway; a helmet that pops off because the strap was faulty – you get the idea. Read More