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Humberto Tijerina

Personal Injury Attorney in Rio Grande valley

When you have been injured because of someone else, you need a team with the power to win and the compassion to walk alongside you as you recover.
Meet Mr. Tijerina: Our Top Rated & Award-Winning Personal Injury Attorney
Are you stressed out and full of anxiety because you—or a loved one—are hurt and cannot work? Humberto Tijerina is a personal injury attorney who represents those who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. As one of the top-rated personal injury lawyers in McAllen, he is committed to providing his clients with personal attention and aggressive representation at every stage of the legal process.
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A lawyer focused on personal injury cases, based in the Rio Grande Valley, TX.

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A message from Humberto…

If you’re on this website, most likely you have fallen victim to an injury. Like the majority of my clients, you are in desperate need of financial assistance to recoup what you have lost due to pain and suffering. After an accident you may not be able to work. However, your living expenses are not placed on hold, and your bills can pile up quickly.

Injuries due to someone else’s negligence can cost you much more than lost wages. After a car crash, or any injury for that matter, people believe that the insurance company representing them will cover the expenses. Yet, time and time again victims are railroaded by big insurance firms, with attorneys protecting their exposure. That is where I come in. I fight for my clients. I go UP against those “powerful” attorneys. For over a decade, I have successfully collected millions for my clients.

Through dedication, tenacity, and the true desire to win… I deliver results for my clients. For me, personal injury representation is a passion. Fighting for your financial rights after an injury is not my job, it is my chosen path in life, I will fight for you.

Why Choose Humberto Tijerina As Your McAllen Injury Attorney

The Rio Grande Valley is full of personal injury attorneys, however our clients have turned to Humberto Tijerina, and Tijerina Legal Group, to handle their personal injury cases for the next reasons:

He’s a tenured and trial hardened litigator. He’ll put pressure on any insurance company and isn’t afraid to take them to court if need be.

He truly cares for his clients. You can read testimonials from some of our clients in websites like Google and Avvo

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The Power to Win

You WIN or you don’t pay us.