An aviation accident is any incident that involves airborne vehicles such as airplanes, hangliders, hot air balloons, seaplanes, commercial airlines, skydiving, etc. Unfortunately, these methods of flight cause injuries and deaths every year in the U.S. and around the globe. In-flight injuries occur from things like falling luggage or turbulence. Airline crashes and emergency landings also cause severe injury and deaths.


If you yourself have experienced a serious injury due to some type of flight or aviation, first and foremost, our hopes and wishes are with you for your healing and recovery. This is an extremely challenging time for you, and for your family members. You are wise to seek a personal injury attorney in the Brownsville / McAllen Texas area, to guide you through this difficult time and deal with the insurance companies, so that you can focus on getting well. It is very important to identify all parties who are liable for your injuries, and this is the focus of our South Texas injury law firm. We understand all of the laws pertaining to aviation accidents. Negligence most likely played a role in your injury.


If your loved one has suffered an injury (or tragically, a wrongful death), first and foremost, our compassion goes out to you and your entire family. We send our hopes and wishes for the healing and recovery of any injured family members. As personal injury attorneys, we understand what a difficult and challenging time this can be for all of you. You are not only concerned about the health of your loved one, but also may be facing financial hardships, and stress over the medical bills and lost wages that your family is experiencing. You are wise to seek an experienced personal injury attorney in the Brownsville / McAllen Texas area, who can help you navigate the process of dealing with insurance companies, and identifying all parties liable in this incident. Negligence most likely played a role in your loved one’s injury.


Whenever an aviation accident takes place, insurance companies are called upon to cover claims. The entities that own aviation companies and airlines have insurance, but make no mistake, they want to avoid paying big claims.

The insurance company being called upon to pay for this injury claim will look extensively for any reasons to deny the claim OR reduce it and pay out as little as possible. This is why it is so very important to have highly skilled personal injury attorneys on your side – and especially, an attorney who understands airline cases and aviation-caused injuries. The insurance companies have their own experts, their own attorneys, and this is what you are up against. It is not a fair fight, which is why injured parties hire injury attorneys to work their case.


Personal Injury Attorney Humberto Tijerina is extremely knowledgeable about aviation injury laws, and is ready to fight vigorously for your rights and compensation. If an airline or other aviation company employee was negligent or reckless, we will bring this to light. We don’t just handle accidents that occur in the air, in flight, but also things such as injuries that occur on jetways and ramps, during loading or unloading of passengers, and anywhere in the aviation facility.

Attorney Tijerina and his top-notch legal team will do everything in their power to identify all details that support your case. In airline cases, this includes possible failure by air traffic controllers to adequately prevent problems in the air. Most often, injured parties and their families seek a fair settlement, and we strive to achieve this in an efficient and effective manner. However, there are times when a court trial is necessary to obtain justice, and our team is prepared for that legal representation as well. We do nothing but personal injury, and we’ve been doing it for over a decade.


Immediately, as soon as possible, we’d like to provide a FREE CONSULTATION for you and any member of your family who wishes to participate. We want to hear about your situation, and the details surrounding the in-flight or other aviation injury. We also want to answer ALL your questions, and explain to you the legal process involved in handling a personal injury claim for aviation injury in Texas.

When you meet with us, we will put your mind at ease regarding how the insurance companies and responsible parties will be pursued, and what your role in the case process will be. You will leave with peace of mind, knowing you have the best possible representation for your case. We greatly look forward to meeting – and serving – you and your loved ones.

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