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Understanding Wrongful Death Litigation in Texas

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Texas law states that the parents, the children, and the spouse of a deceased individual have the right to file a wrongful death claim. A child can seek compensation in relation to their parent’s death even if they are not 18. A lawsuit may be filed on its own with one family member or jointly with multiple family members.

The compensation received in a wrongful death claim in McAllen, Texas will usually be given out to all qualifying family members affected by the death regardless of who filed the lawsuit. The judge and/or jury, with the help of a court appointed attorney, can help decide how the compensation is divided amongst qualifying family members. Hiring the right wrongful death attorney will increase your chances of successfully demonstrating the losses that each family member has suffered so that the proper compensation is collected from the insurance company responsible and then paid to each family member.

How Our Team of Wrongful Death Attorneys Can Help

At Tijerina Legal Group, we have years of experience with wrongful death cases and can be an expert resource for those needing our legal counsel in McAllen, Texas. Our wrongful death attorneys in Texas can assist you when it comes to strategizing on how to maximize the recovery on your case, representing you throughout the entire legal process and even helping assist you with any expenses that may come up that are associated with the case. We aim to get you the best settlement we can, resulting from the wrongful death of your loved one. We have accumulated years of experience, are skilled in litigation as trial attorneys and we will aggressively represent your case in front of a judge and jury.

Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney in Texas for a Free Consultation

At Tijerina Legal Group offer our legal guarantee to any truck accident clients in Texas, which is “you win or you don’t pay us”. So call us and visit with us for a consultation regarding your case.  Please know that if you’re experiencing loss due to wrongful death of a loved one in McAllen, Texas, at our appointment we will cover the details of your case and can answer any questions you have regarding the next steps to take and even discuss our skills, experience, and success rate. Our team of wrongful death trial lawyers at Tijerina Legal Group are always ready and willing to hear from you and start to work on your case to help you today. Call us at (956) 777-7777.

How Truck Accident Attorney Reviews Help You Choose the Best Truck Accident Attorney in McAllen, Texas

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So an 18-wheeler crashed into you and you need to hire a lawyer that will fight for you.  When it’s time to hire a truck accident attorney to represent you and your family in a lawsuit, it can be overwhelming to make sure you make the right decision on who to hire. You can take the first step in look at truck accident attorney reviews in McAllen, read through personal stories of previous client satisfaction and decide whether this legal professional seems to be the best choice for your lawsuit. An experienced truck accident attorney will have compassion and understanding for what you are going through, a strong command of Texas traffic laws, a proven track record of success, experience, and resources that help them succeed when representing clients in the Rio Grande Valley.

What to Do After You’ve Been Injured in a Truck Accident

So what do you do after a truck crashes into you?  We understand that being injured in any type of accident is traumatic, but one that involves an 18-wheeler, big rig, tractor-trailer, or even a crane can be devastating. With the help of one of our truck accident attorneys from Tijerina Legal Group, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are being represented by attorneys experienced in the art in order to obtain the settlement that you deserve. One of our 18-wheeler crash attorneys will use their knowledge and skill to protect your rights throughout the process and at any time when speaking on your behalf to the responsible parties and/or insurance companies. We work hard to get you and your family the maximum recovery that you deserve. Our skilled legal team of truck accident attorneys in McAllen, Texas always look out for your best interests.  But don’t take our word for it, look at our accident attorney reviews where our clients may talk about these trucking accidents and share with how we have done everything that we promised we would, resulting in compensation, surgeries and even recovery of lost wages for our past truck accident clients.

Call to Speak to an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney in McAllen, Texas Today

After you’ve read our truck accident attorney reviews and have decided that we are the best match for your case, call us for a consultation. At the Tijerina Legal Group, we have a team of truck accident attorneys including our founder, Humberto Tijerina, all of whom have years of experience and the resources needed to successfully represent a variety of accident victims in Texas. To schedule your consultation with one of our truck accident attorneys today, call our law office today at (956) 777-7777. Remember, We at Tijerina Legal Group offer our legal guarantee to any truck accident clients in Texas, which is “you win or you don’t pay us”.

Where Can I Find a Personal Injury Attorney Near Me?

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In Texas, a personal injury is defined as any claim where someone is hurt by an intentional, reckless, or negligent act of another. Whether in a car crash, as a result of a product defect, a slip and fall at a grocery store or even a trucking crash.  Most of the personal injury claims we see here in McAllen or Brownsville, Texas come, in general terms, from one person’s failure to exercise reasonable care, which results in negligence. At the Tijerina Legal Group our attorneys have years of experience investigating, handling, and representing people just like you, in claims where personal injury is involved.  Our attorneys are able to navigate the legal framework by working with and understanding the laws associated with personal injury in the state of Texas.

What does personal injury claims include in Texas?

As discussed above, these types of claims in Texas can include, and are not limited to, slip and fall accidents, defective products, premises liability cases, and car accidents. For instance, in a car accident, if someone rear ends you when you’re stopped, under Texas law, they are said to have failed to stop, leading to the crash and any damages or injuries resulting from it. When you hire our law firm, one of our personal injury attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation to identify any negligence involved, whether by the person or business.

As your attorney, we will work to gather evidence that shows that the defendant owed you a duty of care and that they failed to meet that duty. We will also work to show that this failure resulted in your injury or injuries. Finally, we will work to prove that had they followed the rules, then you would not have been injured. Once we have those elements in place, we must then show what losses you suffered as a result of these injuries, including loss of income, any pain and suffering, such as inability to comfortably sleep at night, or even needing a surgery to treat your pain.

How to Find the Best Personal Accident Attorney for You

A personal injury attorney from Tijerina Legal Group can help you succeed in getting the compensation you deserve for your injuries and/or losses due to an accident in McAllen and Brownsville, Texas. You can rest assured that we will work aggressively on your behalf, against the insurance companies, working to get you a recovery from your accident. To learn more about what steps to take after a personal injury in McAllen, Texas, call us at (956) 777-7777 today. You don’t have to worry about paying us up front.  Also, you can rest at peace knowing that there are no legal fees unless you win.  That’s T, No fee, Guarantee.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident in and around McAllen or Brownsville Texas, then it’s time to seek professional legal representation. At Tijerina Legal Group, we have the skills and experience needed to get our clients the results they want and deserve for their injuries. We fully understand how life changing motorcycle accidents can be on someone’s life. We have successfully resolved countless cases like yours in the Rio Grande Valley resulting in a win for our clients. Through the use of traffic laws in Texas, combined with our legal skills, we are able to competently represent you in and out of the courtroom.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

Some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Texas include:

  • Failure to yield
  • Vehicle not under control
  • Tailgating
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Alcohol/drugs
  • Excessive speed for weather conditions

A motorcycle accident attorney from Tijerina Legal Group can investigate your accident and determine who is at fault for the accident leading to your injuries. From this investigation, we can identify the responsible party, send a demand letter to the insurance company and begin negotiations so that we can help get your life back and help you obtain a fair settlement on your claim, or take them to court.

What can a motorcycle accident lawyer help me get compensated for in my lawsuit in Texas?

Some common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents include brain injuries, concussions, broken bones, internal organ damage, road rash, spinal cord injuries, or even death. At Tijerina Legal Group, we can help our motorcycle accident clients to get compensation for cost of replacing or repairing a motorcycle, lost earnings, lost potential earnings, medical bills, pain and suffering, and rehabilitation costs, among other cause of action.

Call a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Texas Today for a Free Consultation

We know how to investigate motorcycle accidents and preserve evidence that will help our team of motorcycle accident attorneys to maximize the likelihood of a successful solution to your case in Texas. We offer only experienced representation and always work hard to get our clients the fair compensation that they deserve for their injuries. To learn more about what our team at Tijerina Legal Group can offer you, and to schedule a free consultation with an legal professional in McAllen, Texas attorney today, call (956) 777-7777.


Settlement Vs. Trial: Which Is Right For You?

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How do you determine if you have a personal injury case?

Under Texas law, there are many categories of personal injury damages that allow an individual or multiple individuals to initiate a lawsuit.  For example, wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip or trip and fall, lack of security, work-related injuries, boating accidents, and auto accidents.  If another party contributes to the injury of a person in any way — directly or indirectly, they may be at least partially liable for those injuries.  This is the basic premise of a personal injury claim.

Obviously, there are times when it is difficult to tell who or what may have caused an incident that led to injuries.  This is when thorough investigation of all the facts of the incident must be done.  Skilled personal injury attorneys know how to uncover details and leave no stone unturned.  Injury cases are not easy to pursue in most cases.  And so, an injury attorney must be adept at finding hidden facts and extracting information from unlikely or unwilling sources.

The first thing that many people ask is, will I need to go to trial?  The truth is, in Texas and anywhere in America, the majority of personal injury claims are handled through settlement.  Trials are very costly and time-consuming. Both sides of an injury lawsuit are motivated to resolve the case without going to trial.  There are advantages and disadvantages of going through the legal trial process.

Sometimes, the plaintiff in the case may question why their injury attorney is pushing for a settlement.  Why don’t we take this case to trial?  Can’t you potentially get more compensation from a trial? Well, the truth is, trials are risky. Our McAllen, Texas injury firm shares with you here: the differences between settlement and trial.

Benefits of Settlement

It’s less risky than heading to court (you could lose and get zero)

It’s less expensive (less time on the part of the attorney/law firm)

It’s less time consuming and can happen faster, whereas trials can drag out over a year or more

It’s not as hard on the plaintiff and their loved ones – not as emotionally and physically draining as a trial in court

Get your life back to normal sooner/ Move on sooner

As you can see, a settlement is a sure thing – money in hand.  And if a trial outcome is uncertain, your injury attorneys will recommend accepting a reasonable settlement.

It typically takes a year, or longer for a court date to be set for a trial.  So if you are holding out for that, it means waiting longer to be compensated for your expenses, which may still be ongoing.  Now consider that juries are individuals, with their own thought processes and belief systems.  What seems obvious to you, or fair to you, may not be obvious or fair to them.  You can choose to go to trial and risk LOSING.

Now, if your case is worth millions and your settlement offer is $650,000, then your injury attorney may decide that the trial is the only way to go.

A skilled injury lawyer evaluates each case

Obviously, your personal injury attorney wants to be successful.  He or she wins when you win.  So your lawyer will review all the details of your settlement with you and guide you in deciding whether accepting the amount is the right decision.  Often, injury attorneys counter the settlement offer with an offer you WOULD accept, when the defendant’s offer is too low.

It pays to ask your injury attorney questions at the beginning of your case, to get their thoughts on potential settlement.  Note that sometimes, even the most experienced lawyers sometimes call on outside help, by consulting mediators or facilitators to help resolve a settlement.  When all attempts at mediation and settlement fail, then an injury case goes to trial. 

Benefits of a Trial

Possibility of receiving a higher/the highest possible amount for your claim

A chance to document all details of your claim (for the record)

The ability to appeal the decision

As you can see, wise legal counsel is critical in any type of wrongful death, auto accident, or injury claim.  Tijerina Law Firm serves Mcallen and Brownsville, Texas, helping the injured seek justice and compensation. We welcome all inquiries and offer free case evaluations.


Injured? Learn The Steps Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit

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A personal injury case is not a quick and simple process. Some cases are more easily handled and settled than others, but if you or a loved one has been injured, then it is best to know what to expect. You must understand that you will be involved in the case for quite a while. A personal injury/auto accident case follows certain steps, which we outline below.

Seek Treatment and Collect Evidence

As soon as you have been injured in any type of incident or car accident, you should seek medical treatment. Your injuries should be evaluated by a professional doctor and the injuries must be recorded. This is to your advantage, should you need to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. It’s also very important that you write down everything you remember about the incident or situation that led to your injury (or your loved one’s injuries.) From the beginning, you should always record everything associated with the accident and injuries, and keep records of all medical bills, lost work, medications needed, etc.

Meet with an Attorney – Free Initial Consultation

You may be wondering if you have a case, or if you should accept the amount that the insurance company is offering to you? This is exactly the time to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney and take advantage of a free consultation. Your injury attorney will be able to evaluate your accident or situation and determine the likelihood of reaching a fair settlement. He or she will also consider the possibility of your case going to trial in a court of law.

The attorney will advise you on how the case merits possible financial compensation and possible trial or litigation length. The attorney will also advise you on how to proceed. Keep in mind that any and all evidence that you collected will help the attorney assess your personal injury case.

Initial Court Papers

Once you’ve selected a personal injury attorney to help you, he or she will explain the paperwork that is involved. This initial paperwork officially launches your lawsuit. The first papers filed in a case are called pleadings. There can be even more papers involved with this process, however all cases will – at the minimum – include the documents we name here. You will first have to fill out a Complaint/Petition, which gives a basic premise of what took place at the accident, or it describes the situation that caused the illness or injury.

A document called the Summons and Service of Process will be sent to the defendant. It notifies them that the case is being filed. The defendant then responds to the summons, which is called the Answer. This answer influences how the rest of your case will go, because it requires the defendant to make one of these responses: admit, deny, or having insufficient knowledge to admit or deny.”

The Discovery

The facts brought by the plaintiff and the defendant that are sent to each other are the discovery phase of the case. This is when medical records, personal information, extent of injuries, any long term side effects, and any other related materials are exchanged. Written questions and answers from the injured party and witnesses are also placed on record. It is always best to give all information to your injury attorney and not withhold any details.


Despite what you see on television, very few cases actually go to trial. The majority of personal injury claims involve communications back and forth between the plaintiff and defendant. Information is requested and shared over many months or even years. And then these cases are settled, with a settlement offer being made from the insurance company to the injured party. Your attorney will advise you whether, in his or her professional opinion, the settlement is fair. Your attorney will either encourage you to accept the settlement or keep fighting to achieve a fair and just amount.

The Trial

In cases where no settlement is offered or the settlement is considered not acceptable, the plaintiff’s attorney will file for court proceedings. Keep in mind that it can take many months sometimes even a year or more, before your trial comes in front of a jury. At trial, your attorney will present your case, while the defense will attempt to keep any payout to a minimum. The defendant may deny all responsibility. This is when the experience and abilities of your injury attorney are essential. The trial will go in the following order: jury selection, opening statements by the plaintiff and defendant, plaintiff presentation of facts, defendant presentation of facts, closing statements, jury deliberation, and finally the verdict.

Unfortunately, injuries can be caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness. Our injury law firm in McAllen, Texas sees all types of auto accident cases as well as slip and fall cases and job related injuries. It’s always wise to speak to an injury attorney before speaking with insurance companies.

Child Safety

Child Safety In And Around The Home

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As we all know, accidents can happen at anytime. 

They can be minor, serious, or even deadly.  As parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and friends of children and teenagers — it is up to us to do everything we can to protect them from injury and harm.  This means both inside and outside of the home.  Here we share some important things to always consider when children are involved.

Chemicals are all over your house — on cabinets, cupboards, closets and drawers.  Some of them if ingested or inhaled would do nothing more than causeChild Safety some slight discomfort.  But others can seriously harm a child or even cause death.  Over 2 million children under age 15 experience accidents around their home each year — accidents that bring them to hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics for treatment.  Forty percent of these children are under age 5.

These accidents involve not only ingestion of chemicals and poisons but also falls and burns.  Smaller children tend to fall a lot and they are also more likely to get burned.

  • To avoid these common household injuries, adults must be cautious by keeping chemicals and cleaning products under lock and key or in a place that is completely inaccessible to young children. 

  • The same care must be practiced whenever adults are cooking or baking.  In just a second a child can open an oven door, touch a hot burner, or reach for the handle of a boiling pan; dumping the liquid onto him or herself. 

  • Keeping the floors clear of tripping hazards and not allowing children to play on stairs helps to avoid falls.  Accidents are preventable if we pay close attention to kids and keep them away from potentially dangerous situations.

    It is recorded that most of these accidents happen whenever people are in a hurry, distracted, or they are not on their normal routine.  Be especially careful if you are visiting someone, are in a new home or environment.

    Now let’s talk about another favorite childhood pastime — bicycling.

    Between 60% and 70% of all bicycle injuries and deaths happen to cyclists who are under 25 years old and sadly, between 500 to 1000 bicyclists are killed in the US each year by being hit by a motor vehicle.  Typically, the driver just does not see the cyclist.

    Children are less likely to be highly aware of their surroundings when they are riding bikes.  This is why they should be supervised when doing so. From the very beginning, children should be taught to always look and listen for approaching cars or other moving vehicles.  They should always ride in highly visible areas and be warned about corners or coming out of driveways.  Educating children and teens about riding bikes goes a long way in preventing accidents and keeping them safe.

    Overall, it’s important to remember that children do not have the same ability to assess the situation or the awareness of dangers, as an adult.  Children need adequate supervision along with continuous education about the risk of accidents. Attention to detail in your home — the arrangement of your furniture, picking things up off the floor — all of these things play a role in child safety.  Heavy items should never be placed on top of a chest of drawers or table that a child could potentially pull over onto themselves by climbing onto it.

    As injury attorneys serving McAllen, Texas and surrounding areas, we seek to educate the community about safety issues. As a community, we must do everything we can to prevent injuries to children.



Class Action Lawsuits – Noteworthy Cases

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “Class Action Lawsuit” on the news and in the media, but most people don’t have a clear understanding of them and how they can protect your rights. 

By definition a Class Action Lawsuit is…

Charges advanced in a court by one or more plaintiffs on behalf of a large group of others who have a common interest.

There have been class-action cases that changed history. Most people are aware of civil action lawsuits as seen in the movies Erin Brokovich and A Civil Action. These are cases where a group of people – for example, the residents of a small town or workers in a certain plant – are suing a large company in a civil action that is also a class-action.

pexels-photo-296881 (1)

There have been Supreme Court decisions that originated as civil lawsuits; in the state of Tennessee versus John Thomas Scopes, a Tennessee law was challenged. This law made it unlawful to deny “divine creation” (Adam and Eve) and teach the theory of evolution. This law was called the Butler Act. Scopes was a biology teacher who, encouraged by the American civil liberties Union, agreed to teach evolution to his classes. Many subsequent civil action lawsuits followed and the Butler Act was eventually repealed in Tennessee in 1967.

Another notable case involved a massive civil settlement of $333 million in 1996. The case was brought by the residents of a California town called Hinkley. Pacific Gas and Electric Company was found to have knowingly dumped wastewater into the ground in this area. This wastewater contained chromium 6 — a known carcinogen. Interestingly, a new class-action was filed in 2011 because it was found that the chromium had been spreading, and in the end, Pacific Gas and Electric Company purchased some of the homes and properties in the town.

Another interesting case that affected US history is the Lois E Jensen versus Eveleth Taconite Company. This lawsuit was brought in 1988 and was the first sexual harassment class action suit in America. Lois Jensen along with 14 other female coworkers employed by the Taconite EVTAC mine in Minnesota presented that they were subjected to intimidation and extreme physical harassment from male coworkers and also supervisors of the mine.

The attorneys with the mining company managed to delay the case for a decade but the day before the jury trial was to take place, they settled and provided monetary damages to the group of women.

An example of a very large sum class-action was the Nortel Networks case that was settled in 2006. This class-action lawsuit was brought by investors who held stock in Nortel Networks, which at the time was a major supplier of fiber-optic equipment to new, up-and-coming Internet companies. You may remember the Internet bust – when that happened, sales drastically declined. The company created fake accounting entries that showed equipment sales that were not actually happening. This was uncovered and investors won their lawsuit to the tune of 2.4 billion.

Another big time class-action was settled in 2005 for the amount of $2.5 billion. This one also involved investors. Those who invested in AOL Time Warner stock brought the suit alleging that Time Warner had falsely shown revenue generation. What the company was doing was moving money around between accounts in the form of advertising transactions over a period of four years. They were designed to look like income when in reality it was just money shifting from one area to another. These false earning statements constituted fraud and the investors won their class-action lawsuit.

These types of cases are fascinating and we will share more of them in an upcoming article. As your McAllen personal injury attorney, we represent victims of big company negligence and recklessness. Call Tijerina Legal Group to discuss your class action lawsuit.

Source of some case information: InfoLaw


A Short History Of The U.S. Court System – Part 2

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Not many people know that when the Constitution was written, the Supreme Court was created as a compromise – middle ground between states’ rights advocates and Federalists. In the first 10 years of operation, the Supreme Court only decided about 50 cases. The founding fathers did not know how greatly it would be used and needed. But in the years of 1801-1835, under Chief Justice John Marshall, the Supreme Court would prove to be a major aspect of the United States Court System, as it became more involved, more united, and more productive.

During the meetings of the very first Congress for our country, congressmen worked to outline a workable national judiciary that would follow the constitution yet still address their concerns. Again, the Federalists and Anti-federalists made their arguments. The law that emerged from this debate was the Judiciary Act of 1789.

Under this historic act, a three-part judiciary was established:

1) A Supreme Court, consisting of a chief justice and five associate justices (and would meet in Washington, DC)

2) Three circuit courts, each having two justices of the Supreme Court and a district judge; and

3) Thirteen district courts, each presided over by one district judge.

The middle tier of this new system — the U.S. circuit courts — acted as the principal trial courts in this newly adopted court system. Each justice was assigned to one of three geographical circuits, and attended the appropriate meetings within the districts of that circuit. The term “circuit riding” came about at this time. Judges usually spent more time on their circuit court duties than their district court duties.

bald-eagle-portrait-white-tailed-eagle-adler-38998As the ratification process of the Constitution was underway, many citizens voiced fears about the power of an independent federal judiciary. They felt it could threaten state courts and restrict some civil liberties. So, the Judiciary Act responded accordingly, to bring these concerned citizens some reassurance. It allowed state courts to exercise concurrent jurisdiction over many federal questions. It also required federal courts to select juries according to the procedures used by the district’s state courts. Lastly, it guaranteed the right to trial in the district where the defendant lived.

At the same time that debates and decisions were underway involving the Judiciary Act, Congress was discussing the Bill of Rights, and this legislation provided still more assurances that the federal courts would respect certain liberties such as trial by jury.

It became clear that the three-tiered court system was being developed and accepted by the U.S. citizens. And so, we have a multi-tiered federal court structure that operates in conjunction with state courts—an arrangement conceived in 1789 that is still in place today.

Tijerina Legal Group is proud of our country’s history and heritage, and takes the upholding of justice very seriously. We serve McAllen, Brownsville, and surrounding areas of Texas. Contact your dedicated McAllen personal injury attorney to speak with someone committed to your legal rights.

U.S. Courts

A Short History of The U.S. Court System

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As personal injury attorneys, we are dependent on the court system to deliver justice for our fellow citizens.  The US court system is vast and complex—worthy of appreciation and respect.  It’s also a distinct part of our unique American identity.

Our multi-tiered judiciary system protects individual rights through the supremacy of the federal courts and the work done by the state courts. This balancing act didn’t just happen.  It’s the result of countless hours of discussion among the Founding Fathers, like George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.  You may know a lot about our system today, but what about how it came to be?

HOW IT BEGANU.S. court history

The Constitutional Convention in 1787, the development of the United States Constitution itself (ratified in 1788), and the First Congress in 1789.

Four years after the end of the Revolutionary War, The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia took place.  More than 50 delegates at this meeting conducted a fierce debate about how to frame the Constitution and how to structure a national justice system.  They also set out to structure a national judiciary.

Excerpted from the National Archives and Records Administration: In all, 55 delegates attended the Constitutional Convention sessions, but only 39 actually signed the Constitution.

There were two distinct groups in opposition regarding how the Constitution should be crafted. The Federalists were strong proponents of a mighty, powerful national government. They were suspicious of the parochial prejudice of state courts. Federalists and their supporters believed that the federal judiciary should consist of trial courts, appellate courts, and one supreme tribunal.

The Anti-federalists supported states’ rights. They feared that a dominant federal judiciary would undermine the states’ authority and that the federal government would be too powerful. They felt that the state should have both trial and appellate courts, and that the supreme federal court would exist to hear final appeals.

When the U.S. Constitution was ratified, it addressed this disagreement, but not in full. It sketched out a federal court system in general terms, and introduced a distinctly American concept—the Supreme Court.

Article III of the Constitution begins,

“The judicial Power of the United States shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”

President George Washington chose the very first Supreme Court justices.

The Tijerina Personal Injury Law Firm of Mcallen, Texas welcomes your inquiries, and is proud to share this fascinating information about how our incredible justice system developed.