McAllen Car Crash Lawyer

McAllen Car Crash Lawyer Humberto Tijerina knows how stressful an auto accident can be. There are a lot of fatal accidents in and around our city. First, and foremost, your physical health and well being is most important. It is imperative to go to the doctor right away after any type of sustained injury. Symptoms can sometimes take days to appear. The problem with not seeking medical attention right after a vehicle accident is related to insurance claims. If you, or your attorney, cannot link the injury to the accident than the insurance company may fight the claim. On top of this, medical bills, house hold expenses, and auto repair bills add up quickly. If you cannot work after your injury, you may be strapped for cash. All of these can cause severe stress and anxiety.

Tijerina Legal Group is a decorated Auto Accident Law Firm serving McAllen, as well as the entire Rio Grande Valley. Mr. Tijerina is a tenured and highly awarded McAllen Car Crash Lawyer. If you have questions about your accident claim, or if you need help submitting a claim, please call us today. We have won millions of dollars for Texas injury victims. Our consultations are always free. If you are too hurt to come to our office, Mr. Tijerina will gladly come to you. Our law firm makes submitting and settling your car accident claim as easy as can be.

Top-Rated Auto Accident Law Firm

When it comes to settling your car crash claim, you have options. One of them is to hire a Personal Injury Attorney. Insurance companies are really financial firms. Yes, an insurance company is supposed to act like a security safety net. When something bad happens, they are supposed to catch you before you fall. Unfortunately, since insurance firms are financially driven, they don’t rush to pay claims. On top of this, with so much insurance fraud going on, insurance underwriters scrutinize claims to make sure they are legitimate. The point is simple, a Top Rated Auto Accident Law Firm like Tijerina Legal Group may be your best bet when trying to get your claim settled.

Humberto Tijerina has won numerous awards. From Google to Facebook he has glowing five star reviews. In fact, Mr. Tijerina recently won the Top 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in the Nation award. If you have questions about how to file a car accident claim, or if you need information about how to get a rental car, please call our law firm today.

Get a Rental Car after a Car Crash

One of the most asked questions we get is about getting a rental car. After an auto accident, it’s not like your job or responsibility go on pause. From getting to work to taking your kids to school, you need a vehicle. Tijerina Legal Group may be able to help. If you require a rental car after someone else has hit your vehicle in an accident, call our law firm today. The party at fault may have a clause in their insurance policy that provisions for rental car coverage. Mr. Tijerina will gladly look into this for you and try to obtain a rental car while your vehicle is repaired.

Getting a rental car covered at no expense to you can be a huge help. After an accident you may not be able to work. Providing for your family is your primary focus and we know that. If we can help get a rental car covered by the party at fault, it may help offset some of the financial hardships one can face after a car crash. If you would like to speak directly to Mr. Tijerina, please call our law firm today. We are bilingual and always provide a free consultation.