Rio Grande Valley Personal Injury Lawyers

Rio Grande Valley Personal Injury Lawyers

The Monitor published a story about a McAllen woman who left her child in a locked vehicle on Monday. Over the last few months, there have been numerous tragic incidents where parents have left their children in hot cars. In fact, this has even lead to family members filing wrongful death claims against the parent or guardian at fault. Therefore, the Rio Grande Valley Personal Injury Lawyers at the Tijerina Legal Group wanted to take a minute to discuss these issues.

Wrongful Death claims require an attorney's ability to prove negligence. Now, with all injury claims a lawyer must have enough evidence to “point the finger” at the party at fault. However, when we look at filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Texas, it’s not as cut and dry as say a car accident injury case. In a car crash or an 18-Wheeler accident, it’s usually pretty obvious who is at fault. There are witnesses and even possibly traffic camera footage. However, with wrongful death, we sometimes lack this level of documentation.

Filing an Injury Lawsuit in the Rio Grande Valley 

If you’ve sustained injuries after an accident, you may want to explore compensation. After a car crash or any type of vehicle-related accident, you may have a lot of medical expenses. Hospital stays, costs of physical therapy, and lost wages deserve financial reimbursement. Pain and suffering deserve compensation as well. Unfortunately, filing an injury lawsuit in the Rio Grande Valley can get tricky if it involves a wrongful death claim. Humberto Tijerina knows how to handle complex injury litigation.

Wrongful Death lawsuits require an extreme amount of preparation and evidence building. Our Rio Grande Valley injury attorneys need to be able to prove that a person or party's negligent acts directly contributed to the death. Say for example that a drunk driver caused a fatal car crash, this could be eligible for a wrongful death claim. Perhaps a doctor botched a surgery, this may too allow us to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The Tijerina Legal Group handles all types of injury cases, scroll below to learn more.

Car Accident Attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley 

There are a lot of car accident attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley. Not all of them have the track record of Humberto Tijerina. Mr. Tijerina is an award-winning personal injury attorney. For example, our law firm has helped injury victims for over 18 years and we have won MILLIONS of dollars for our clients. Filing a car accident injury claim can help you obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Too often insurance companies try to deny claims. Our job is to fight for your financial rights after a car crash.

Many clients tell us that they are surprised when the insurance company denies their claim. It makes sense, most people believe that the insurance they pay for will be there when they need it. Sadly, this is not the case. Insurance companies invest the money they collect, they are financial firms. This is how they make money for their shareholders. Paying out large injury claims eats away at their profit. If you want to get the maximum amount of compensation, you may want to hire an injury lawyer in the Rio Grande Valley to handle your case.

Best Personal Injury Attorney in the Rio Grande Valley, TX

If you’re searching online for the best personal injury attorney in the Rio Grande Valley, TX we encourage you to stop. There is no such thing as the best lawyer. We believe that the most important thing you can do is to hire an attorney you trust and get along with. After sustaining an injury, and determining the need to file an injury lawsuit, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with an attorney. Different people have different personalities. You may want to hire a lawyer that you are comfortable with.

Humberto Tijerina is more than just a personal injury attorney in the Rio Grande Valley. Mr. Tijerina is an injury advocate and he cares deeply for his clients. With over 150 glowing online reviews from happy clients, it’s no wonder why so many injury victims call the Tijerina Legal Group. Our law firm is bilingual and we charge NO MONEY up front. Mr. Tijerina will meet with you one on one, for free, to discuss your injury case. Please call us today at (956) 777-7777.