McAllen Driver Dies in Auto Accident

McAllen Driver Dies in Auto Accident

According to The Monitor, a Mcallen driver died in an auto accident Sunday night. The Tijerina Legal Group extends our condolences to the victim’s family. Unfortunately, this is yet another fatal car crash that has rocked our Mcallen community. Over the last three months, we’ve witnessed a sharp rise in auto collisions and fatal accidents. No one is prepared to lose a loved one, especially in tragic situations like the one that occurred on Sunday night. Sadly, fatal auto accidents will happen. When they do, you may need the assistance of an injury attorney.

Our law firm has over 18 years of experience. Over the course of the last two decades, we have won numerous high seven-figure cases. After the loss of a friend or loved one you need time to heal. Unfortunately, insurance companies make things difficult for accident victims. There are time limits and certain things that need to be considered when filing an injury claim. When dealing with fatal accident cases you may need to file a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death claims can be extremely complicated. Never the less, we have documented success handling complex injury claims. Keep reading to find out more about the Tijerina Legal Group.

McAllen Personal Injury Law Firms 

If you’ve been involved in a car crash or trucking accident we can help. There are lots of McAllen personal injury law firms to choose from. So, why would you want to trust your case to the Tijerina Legal Group? Simple, we’ve been winning injury cases and setting claims for over 18 years. In fact, Mr. Tijerina has a perfect 10 out of 10 AVVO rating. In addition, he has been awarded the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers Association accreditation. Is Humberto Tijerina the best personal injury attorney in McAllen, TX? No, he is not. That’s because there is NO SUCH THING as the “best” attorney or lawyer. However, what is important is to try to hire the attorney who is best for you and your case.

So, how do you determine which lawyer or law firm is best suited to tackle your injury case? Well, for starters, you can do some online research. A quick search online will lead you to reviews and attorney grading boards. Yes, Mr. Tijerina does hold some distinguished awards. However, we believe what sets us apart is our client reviews. Simply put, over the last two decades we’ve helped thousands of injury victims. Guess what, our clients love us. Don’t take our word for it, check out our client testimonials for yourself. So, is Humberto the right injury attorney for you? Maybe, so let’s find out more about Mr. Tijerina.

Why Hire Humberto Tijerina to Manage Your Injury Claim? 

If you’re considering the legal assistance of an injury attorney, you may want to give Humberto Tijerina a call. First off, let’s take a minute to meet Mr. Tijerina and get to know him a little bit better. Humberto is more than a Mcallen personal injury lawyer, he is an injury advocate. So, what does that mean? It means Humberto truly cares for his clients. Filing an injury claim and battling an insurance company for money isn’t easy. Insurance firms make billions of dollars by collecting policy payments. They lose money by paying out big injury claims. Sometimes injury attorneys get lazy, and instead of fighting a case in court, they push for a settlement. Humberto doesn’t do this, he doesn’t push his clients to accept less money just to get a case closed faster.

See, while our law firm goes above and beyond to get you paid quickly, we also don’t roll over and accept any settlement offer. We do what’s in our client’s best interest. Fighting for your financial rights and well being after an accident is more than our job, it is our privilege, and we take it very seriously. The Tijerina Legal Group knows that accident victims have lots of questions. Mr. Tijerina takes time to meet with each potential client one on one. We want to provide our clients with the attention they deserve, and we will address each of your concerns. Here are some of the types of accident cases Mr. Tijerina represents.

Car Accident Claims in McAllen

Car crashes are the most common type of injury case we represent. There are millions of drivers in the Rio Grande Valley. Our roads are crowded, and people are hurrying about to get to work and places to be. McAllen car accident attorney Humberto Tijerina has won millions of dollars for auto injury victims. If you, or a loved one, have sustained injuries in a vehicle-related accident we can help. Call us today at (956) 777-7777 to schedule a free consultation.

Truck Accident Claims in McAllen

There are lots of truck accident attorneys in McAllen. However, none of them have the track record of Humberto Tijerina. If you’ve been hit by a FedEx or UPS truck or if you were crashed into by a big rig we can help. Our law firm has nearly twenty years of experience handling complex truck and 18-wheeler accident injury cases. We know the injury laws in the state of Texas and we know how to fight for your financial rights. Call us at (956) 777-7777 now to talk with a McAllen truck accident lawyer.

McAllen Slip and Fall Claims

The Mcallen slip and fall lawyers at the Tijerina Legal Group understand the complexity of premises liability claims. Slip and fall accidents can cause all sorts of medical issues. From back and spinal cord injuries to head trauma and traumatic brain injuries, we can help. Call us at (956) 777-7777 now to speak with a Mcallen personal injury attorney.\

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In this article, we touched on the tragic events of last Sunday. We also identified reasons why Mr. Tijerina may be a viable option if and when you consider the assistance of an injury attorney. Remember, as an accident victim you have rights. One of those rights is to be reimbursed for your medical expenses when the accident wasn’t your fault. You may also be eligible for additional financial support for items like pain and suffering. There are lots of personal injury attorney in McAllen, TX to choose from. We believe our firm goes above and beyond for accident victims. If you would like to discuss a potential case please call us 24 hours a day at (956) 777-7777.