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Can Injury Attorneys in McAllen Handle Out of State Cases

It´s not rare that news channels report fatal accidents of families travelling from their home in the Rio Grande Valley to another state. First and foremost, the Tijerina Legal Group extends our condolences to every family of those who have lost their lives in these accidents. On the other hand, these tragic events got us thinking if injury attorneys in McAllen, like us, can handle out of state cases. The answer is a bit tricky but, YES, we can help, we just need to get some information from you first.

Nothing can bring back, or replace, the loss of a family member. However, it may be necessary for the family to file a death claim, especially if children are left parentless. Our job as McAllen Injury Lawyers is to fight for your financial rights. While we are licensed in the state of Texas, WE CAN STILL HELP YOU IN OTHER STATES. Whether we work with an associate attorney, which is knowns as “of counsel” or we use a partner of ours, we can help you fight an out-of-state injury case.

Personal Injury Lawyers in McAllen, TX 

There are a lot of Personal Injury Lawyers in McAllen, TX. Simply jump online and do a quick search and you’ll be bombarded with all sorts of claims from law firms. Some like to insinuate that they are the best, which isn’t true. There’s no such thing as the best personal injury attorney in McAllen. What is important, however, is to hire a lawyer you trust. Some websites talk about awards and case settlements, yes we do as well, but that’s not why you should hire us.

Before you decide to hire an injury lawyer, we suggest that you take the time to ask that lawyer a lot of questions. Mr. Tijerina is an attorney second, and a human being first. He believes in wholeness and balance, he cares deeply for injury victims, he feels your pain. This is why Humberto spends so much time talking to potential clients. The Tijerina Legal Group offers a free injury consultation. This gives you the ability to ask all the questions you want.

Questions to ask an Injury Lawyer Before Hiring Them 

If you’ve been hurt in a car crash, trucking accident, or a slip and fall incident you may be seeking the help of an attorney. You may have lots of concerns to address. We know this, and we understand that anxiety after an injury can become overwhelming. Humberto Tijerina meets with each potential client one on one. He gives you as much time you need, for free, to address your concerns. You can also call us at (956) 777-7770 now to schedule a free consultation.

What happens if I am hurt on vacation? 

The news story reported by CBS News is what sparked this blog post. Most of the time people get injured in their home city. Think about it. Driving to and from work, going out to an event, or simply slipping at a grocery store. These types of injuries typically happen where you spend the most time, the town you live in. However, sometimes people end up getting hurt while traveling or on vacation. Injury Attorneys are licensed by the State, which means they need to pass the State Bar exam for that particular State.

Mr. Tijerina is licensed in the State of Texas, however, the Tijerina Legal Group has partners and associate attorneys that work within other states. If you’ve been injured while on vacation, or if you have been hurt in a State outside of Texas, please call our law firm now.

How much money is my injury claim worth? 

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions we get. While no injury lawyer can guarantee a case will settle, nor can an attorney foresee or predict a dollar amount, it may be possible to come up with an estimate. Humberto Tijerina has over 18 years of experience and has won millions of dollars for accident injury victims. During your free consultation, Mr. Tijerina will gather information from you. It may be possible for our law firm to provide a theoretical estimate of a potential settlement value.

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