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Flooding and Car Accident Injuries

According to The Monitor, President Trump approved flood assistance for McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley. The much needed financial support will go to good use. Our roads, highways, and homes were severely damaged by last month’s storm surge. One area however that will not be receiving government funding are injuries from car crashes caused by the storms. Our roads in McAllen are crowded, and car crashes already happen on a daily basis. Flooding and car accident injuries from dangerous driving conditions go hand in hand.

If you, or a loved one, were injured in an auto accident during the recent floods please call the Tijerina Legal Group now. You can reach us at (956) 777-7770. Mr. Tijerina is a bilingual McAllen Car Crash Attorney. Humberto has won millions of dollars and has fought for injury victims for over 18 years. If you would like to speak to a Spanish Speaking Personal Injury Attorney in McAllen, TX then picks up the phone and call our law firm now.

McAllen Accident Lawer 

A McAllen Auto Accident Lawyer, like Humberto Tijerina, might be a big help after the floods. The Monitor, as well as other news agencies in McAllen, reported multiple accidents caused by wet roads. The damage from the floods will cost millions to repair. In fact, the Rio Grande Valley will be getting much-needed capital from the government to assist with our rebuild. Unfortunately, for those of you who ended up in a car accident due to the floods, you will have to fight an insurance company to get paid.

The money we pay each month for our auto insurance doesn’t go into a vault with our name on it. While we would all like to believe our insurance companies will be there when we need them, too often they fight to pay out on injury claims. Even worse, when someone else is at fault, the negligent parties’ insurance company might put up a legal fight to wiggle out of paying. This is why so many injury victims turn to McAllen Personal Injury Lawyers after an accident. We fight to protect your financial rights after an injury.

Can a McAllen Lawyer help me after the Floods? 

Humberto Tijerina is a top-rated McAllen Personal Injury Attorney. He has handled auto accident cases for more than 18 years and has successfully recovered millions of dollars for his clients. If you need help from a McAllen Car Crash Lawyer with rental car coverage, repair bills, medical expenses, or any financial issue related to injuries call us now. Mr. Tijerina knows how to fight for his clients, and he will do everything they can, to get you back on the road.

The Tijerina Legal Group is an award-winning Personal Injury Law Firm located in McAllen. We have a second office in Brownsville and we service the entire Rio Grande Valley. Mr. Tijerina provides a free, very extensive car accident case analysis. During your free consultation with Humberto, he will discuss your case and your options. By addressing your concerns and answering your questions, Mr. Tijerina hopes to lessen your anxieties about your injury case. Call us now to talk to Humberto Tijerina.

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