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How Much Is An Injury Case Worth?

Determining the worth of you personal injury case in Texas

One of the most commonly asked questions we get relates to how much a case is worth. It’s understandable, after suffering an injury you may have lots of medical expenses. If you’re too hurt to work, you may not have money coming in to pay your bills and living expenses. All of this can add to your stress. While it’s impossible for anyone to guarantee a case will settle, or to determine a cash value for an injury claim, an injury lawyer may be able to analyze your case.

Tijerina Legal Group provides a free, comprehensive injury case analysis. During your consultation, Mr. Tijerina and his team will attempt to review your case. He may be able to provide an estimate of a potential value for a settlement. While Humberto cannot guarantee results, he can go over your file with you and give you feedback on what he believes are the strengths and weaknesses of your claim. Again, this is all about providing open communication and transparent answers.

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