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Keeping Healthy During the Coronavirus

Mr. Tijerina shares his tips to keep healthy during the Coronavirus

Our law firm has been fighting for accident injury victims for over 18 years. While our days are typically filled with legal proceedings and working hard to get our clients paid, during these trying times we wanted to take a minute to talk about health. Now, Mr. Humberto Tijerina is NOT a doctor, he is not a licensed medical professional. So, in our video today, the tips and information provided are simply opinions. Mr. Tijerina is a health and wellness guru, and he LOVES keeping in shape. Our law firm, and our staff, also believe in keeping fit and doing things to protect our physical and mental health. Today, we’re going to discuss our own personal tips for keeping healthy during the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis has opened our eyes to the things that are truly most important. We wanted to take a moment to share so of the things that we do every day, that Mr. Tijerina does every day, from a personal health standpoint. Keeping healthy during the Coronavirus, we believe takes more than just wearing a mask or social distancing. Check out our video, read this article, or call us at(956) 777-7777 if you want to talk to us about an accident case, or if you just want to learn more about some of the things we are doing to help the city of McAllen during these tough times.

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We are a McAllen personal injury law firm that cares about people. Humberto, our founder, and managing partner was raised right here in McAllen. In fact, his family roots go back generations. Mr. Tijerina lives right here and is raising his own family here. He cares deeply for the citizens of McAllen and the entire Rio Grande Valley. That’s why we’ve decided to help give back to the people. During these tough times are law firm is making strides to get involved with the community. We have ALWAYS been involved in charitable work, and we have gone above and beyond to help those in need.

From donating to local food banks to rolling up our sleeves and helping our local neighbors, we are dedicated to helping all of McAllen get through this. Together we will survive, together we will stay strong. If you, or a loved one, get injured during the COVID-19 crisis we are providing free virtual consultations. Let our McAllen personal injury lawyers fight to help you get paid.

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