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Tijerina Talks: Personal Injury Law

Humberto Tijerina talks about personal injury and what you can do to protect yourself after an accident.

Video transcript:

Hello, I’m attorney Humberto Tijerina and welcome to Tijerina Talks.

In these segments we look to address some of the legal topics that may come up that could impact you or a loved one’s life such as if somebody’s involved in a car crash or, if you go to a store and there’s some kind of a slip and fall.

Well, maybe there’s even some kind of a dog bite or you have an aggressive 18-wheeler accident that, because they’re careless or they’re on their phone, they end up causing a major accident.

We tackle these topics enough for you to be able to know what to do after one of these incidents to protect yourself. And when you’re ready, you know who to call. All you have to do is remember to dial 7 at Tijerina Legal Group.

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When you have been injured because of someone else, you need a team with the power to win and the compassion to walk alongside you as you recover.