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The Dangers of Using Social Media During a Car Accident Claim

There is a certain set of steps a car accident victim should always follow after a crash:

  • File an accident report
  • Seek medical attention
  • Exchange information with the at-fault driver

However, with new communication channels such as social media, these steps need to be updated for the modern motorist. You may be wondering if it is safe to share details about your car accident online. Can you post pictures of your accident on Facebook? Can insurance companies take a look in your social media profiles and use this information against you?

Should I Post About My Car Accident Online?

In short, NO, you should not post about your car accident online. It is best that you keep this information to yourself and your lawyer at the beginning. In fact, even talking about your crash to anyone besides your lawyer may be unwise, especially if your injuries are serious and incur in high medical expenses.

We share everything on social media. From newborn babies to today’s lunch, it can seem like almost every event is documented on Twitter, TikTok, or another social media platform for others to enjoy. But before you tweet about or post images from your crash, there are some very important things to consider.

For example, if you post:

  • A Facebook status update reassuring your friends you are okay after a wreck or
  • Photos of yourself on Instagram going out and doing activities when you should be in recovery…

…the at-fault driver and/or their insurance company is likely to argue that you are exaggerating your injuries or were never hurt in the first place.

Sharing any information about your accident can hurt your claim in myriad ways. Certain status updates or comments you make about the crash might be interpreted as an admission of fault. Photos or check-ins could be used to prove you weren’t actually as bedridden as you claimed to be. Even if these are ultimately misinterpreted by the defense, virtually any activity on social media after a car wreck can jeopardize your car accident claim.

Do Insurance Companies Check Your Social Media?

They do. Insurance companies are well within their rights to view your social media profiles while investigating a claim—especially if you share that information publicly. When you create an account with platforms like Facebook, you agree to the websites’ terms and conditions, which often state that anything you publicly post online can be used against you.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Before you even think about posting on social media, seek medical attention and consult with a local car accident attorney. Seeing a doctor can help you understand the extent of your injuries and the treatment required to manage them—before they get worse. A lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options after a car crash, which can be especially helpful if you have sustained severe and/or long-term harm. An experienced car accident attorney can also advise you on what to do and not do after a wreck to protect your claim—including valuable advice on how to manage your social media accounts.

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