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What Questions Should I Ask A Personal Injury Attorney?

Understanding what you should ask a personal injury lawyer during a free consultation is key to get your case moving.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask a Lot of Questions

One of the best things you can do, if you’re trying to pick a lawyer, is to schedule a free consultation. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask a lot of questions during your consultation. This can help you determine if that particular attorney is a good fit for you. Different people have different personalities, and it’s vital to a successful attorney-client relationship to make sure you get along with your lawyer. This is one reason why the Tijerina Legal Group always offers FREE consultations. If you’re too hurt to come to us, Humberto will come to you.

Questions to Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

Our team encourages all potential clients to ask lots of questions. Injury victims usually have lots of anxiety, and we want to help lessen your stress after an accident. Here are some questions you may consider asking Mr. Tijerina during your free consultation:

  1. How much is my injury claim worth?
  2. Can I get a free rental car? (Specifically for car accident claims).
  3. Does it take a long time to settle the case?
  4. Will I have to pay any money upfront for legal services?
  5. Do my medical bills get covered by the party at fault?
  6. Will my insurance go up even if the crash wasn’t my fault?
  7. Can I get money for my personal bills if I am too hurt to work?
  8. How many cases has the attorney won?
  9. Does the attorney have any client reviews or testimonials?
  10. Will I be able to contact my attorney throughout the process?

If you’ve been injured, and you’re asking yourself these questions, please call us now. The Tijerina Legal Group is a bilingual, award-winning Personal Injury Law Firm with offices in McAllen and Brownsville and offering service all throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

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