Who we are:

We are a fast-growing law firm that focuses on helping members of our community receive fair compensation for injuries they sustain as a result of someone else’s negligence (from a simple car-wreck, product defect, and premises liability to more complex injury cases). Our legal group ensures members of our community receive fair compensation for their injuries, while ensuring that they don't get bullied or taken advantage of by insurance companies. We’ve been providing quality legal services for over 20 years and have a case load that keeps growing.

At the Tijerina Legal Group we believe in our culture, our purpose, our clients, and most of all, ourselves. Join us and help us be a guiding light for our community. We look to onboard exceptional team players who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of any client who puts their trust in our office.

We focus on providing the absolute best legal services in the Rio Grande Valley along with the most outstanding client experience for our clients. Our clients accept nothing less, and we wouldn’t give it to them any other way.

This opportunity is not for someone looking for something repetitive and easy. We suggest you look elsewhere if that’s the case, because you’re not the fit for us. Here we push our limits and extend our influence beyond an 8-5pm office job. We embrace it. Nobody ever did anything epic in a safe and boring little cubicle anyway.

Our Guiding Principles:

Bringing the right attitude to the workplace. Being grateful for what we have and to each other, providing the best customer service and doing our work efficiently and effectively (the “Principles").

To ensure that we succeed in our mission, every team member must commit to, and live by, our Firm Principles. If you are the type of person who can commit to performing in accordance with each of these principles, you will be successful and thrive within our company. If you feel this level of accountability is not right for you, that you’re not willing or able to engage with us at this level and take the steps necessary to do what you are going to do and be accountable for your actions, in other words, have an empowering outlook on life, then we are not a good fit for you, and you don’t belong here with us.

We understand that not every person is ready for this level of commitment, and we appreciate the honesty of those who decide this is not the place for them. On the other hand, you would make a great candidate to join our Firm if you willing to commit to the following empowering principles:

  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Be an Action Taker
  • Be a Team Player
  • Have a Positive Approach to Challenges
  • Be Open Minded
  • Have a Desire to Learn and Grow
  • Practice Mental Toughness (have thick skin)

More on our hiring process:

If you decide you are ready to live an empowering life with our Firm, our initial communication will be via email. So, be on the look out for any emails you receive from the Firm. Your timely and honest responses are important to your success with our Firm.

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