Catastrophic Injury Attorneys in Texas

Catastrophic injuries any severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain. They also can include skull or spinal fractures, burns or a loss of limb. These injuries can be so severe that they can result in ongoing medical treatment, permanent disability, and a shortened life expectancy or decreased quality of life. If you or someone you know has experienced a catastrophic injury, it’s time to speak to a catastrophic injury attorney from McAllen, Texas with a proven track record of success for their clients.

By choosing a lawyer to help guide you through this difficult time and to deal with insurance companies on your behalf, you can focus on recovering. An attorney from Tijerina Legal Group P.C. can investigate your case, determine who is liable for your injuries and fight to get you the maximum compensation that you deserve as a result of these serious injuries in McAllen, Texas.

How Our Serious Injury Legal Team Can Help If You Have Been Injured in an Accident

If you or a loved one have suffered a catastrophic injury, we understand how difficult of a time this is for you. By seeking the legal help of an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer from Tijerina Legal Group P.C., you are allowing yourself to stop worrying and have someone help you navigate the process of recovering compensation for your injuries. We will speak on your behalf allowing you the adequate time you need to focus on your health. We will deal with insurance companies directly for you, to negotiate a settlement that you deserve. Unfortunately, insurance companies are known for trying to give you the runaround or making low offers on your claims, and we will work diligently and aggressively to ensure that doesn’t happen. This is why it’s so important to have a skilled catastrophic injury attorney by your side at all times.

Are You in Need of an Experienced Catastrophic Injury Attorney?

At Tijerina Legal Group P.C., we pride ourselves on fighting hard to protect the rights of all our clients. Our top-notch legal team in McAllen does everything in their power to identify all details that support your cases. We help injured parties like yourself and their families to seek fair settlements. We work hard to achieve this in an effective and efficient way. If we cannot negotiate this settlement, we will file a lawsuit and represent our clients in a court of law, at trial to, obtain the justice that they deserve.

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We at Tijerina Legal Group P.C. understand the statute of limitations associated with personal injury cases in Texas. You have just two years from the date of your injury to bring forth a lawsuit against the person responsible for your injuries. This makes it increasingly important to pursue legal representation as soon as possible after your accident. We offer a free consultation for you or a loved one. Not only that, we will represent you throughout the case, and not seek payment until you win a recovery. That’s the T, No Fee, Guarantee. During our phone call, we will listen to your situation and the details surrounding your injury. We also can answer any of your questions about our services or the legal process associated with this type of case. A catastrophic injury attorney from our Texas law firm is ready and willing to talk to you today. To speak to one of our professional lawyers today, call (956) 777-7777.

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