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Dealing With the Devastating Impacts of an Explosion Accident

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Every so often, a story will pop up on the news about an explosion at a manufacturing company or on an oil rig, or a big rig filled with fuel involved in an accident on the Interstate that bursts into a fireball.  At other times, a natural gas leak at a home will flatten the dwelling in an instant, causing horrible injuries and deaths without notice.  Every once in a while, these types of accidents will take place in McAllen or Brownsville, and if you are one of the victims, you could be facing life-changing consequences for years to come.

Determining Fault in an Explosion Accident in McAllen

In an explosion accident, trying to gather evidence can be a challenge, especially if there has been a fire afterward.  When a fire follows, it can destroy leads that also help to determine the cause of the explosion.  For example, if an oil rig explodes, the owners of the rig may be at fault, or it may be possible to trace the fault back to defective parts used to build or repair the rig.  The same holds true in a tanker explosion on a freeway.  A driver may be at fault, but that fault could also extend to a company that has not properly maintained a vehicle or to a manufacturer of any number of parts on the tanker that could have failed as well.

The challenge for an explosion accident attorney is to retain the right experts to assist in forensic analysis to affix blame which can help prove a case and lead to an appropriate settlement.

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How an Explosion Accident Attorney Can Increases Your Chances of Winning Your Texas Lawsuit

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Explosions are notorious for causing severe burns, which can be both painful and debilitating. A Texas explosion accident attorney from Tijerina Legal Group P.C. can help those injured to receive the maximum compensation that they deserve as a result of their injuries. Whether chemical explosions, manhole explosions, or steam explosions, those that suffer from these serious burns can face extreme pain and in severe cases, disfigurement. Our explosion accident attorney team can help victims like you to protect your rights throughout the entire legal process with your personal injury lawsuit.

Understanding Burns

These types of explosions cause serious burn injuries which vary in severity. First-degree burns usually heal within a week without scarring. Second-degree burns damage the uppermost layers of skin and can lead to a healing time of a month with some scarring. The most severe burn is a third-degree one, which can damage the skin, underlying tissues, and even bones. This healing time requires ongoing medical care to prevent infections from developing, which can be costly. This is just one factor that can be included in your personal injury lawsuit as well as lost wages. We can investigate your case and ensure that all OSHA laws were followed.

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If you or a someone you know has suffered from explosion accident injuries, an explosion accident attorney can help you. We are dedicated to working diligently for our clients suffering from injuries associated with explosions. We can advocate for your rights throughout the entire legal process in Texas. Our burn injuries lawyer can help to maximize the recovery that you receive as a result of your serious injuries after an explosion. We believe in our client’s fight and that you deserve to be compensated properly for your pain and suffering. To schedule a free consultation with our explosion accident attorney today, call 956-972-0141. We represent individuals in McAllen, Brownsville, and all of the surrounding communities.