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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in McAllen

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Despite taking every precaution, motorcycle riders in McAllen do get into accidents on a frequent basis.  Overall, crashes involving motorcycles and other vehicles account for 56% of all motorcycle accident deaths.  According to statistics, the single most dangerous situation for a motorcycle rider takes place when cars make left-hand turns.  This accounts for 42 % of all accidents involving a motorcycle and a car.  In almost all cases, when a vehicle turns in front of another one, they will be found liable for the accident.  The only exception is if the motorcycle rider was speeding or in the wrong lane.

Motorcycle riders are always taught to ride defensively.  With so little protection and so many hazards on the road, the best way to survive and enjoy riding a motorcycle is to ride defensively.  However, despite obeying every law in the book, wearing protective gear including a helmet, and anticipating dangerous situations, riders still are frequently involved in accidents.  Injuries can be severe and even sometimes result in death.

Working with an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are involved in an accident, you will need to explore your legal options immediately to determine if the accident was due to someone else’s careless or reckless acts.  Just as it is with other kinds of accidents, your attorney must be able to prove the other party was negligent, giving you the opportunity to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related costs.

Contact Us Today in McAllen to Discuss Your Legal Options

Founded by Rio Grande Valley native Humberto Tijerina, the Tijerina Law Group serves motorcycle accident clients in McAllen, Brownsville, and other nearby Texas communities.  We believe every client deserves efficient, personal, and respectful client service and we back our commitment by offering a no-fee guarantee.  If we don’t win your case, you won’t pay a dime.

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How Finding the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Benefit Your Case

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If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident in or around McAllen, then you need the expert legal representation of one of the best motorcycle accident attorneys in Texas by your side. With years of experience and success representing clients like you, the lawyer at Tijerina Legal Group P.C. has the resources needed to get the job done right. We understand the impact that being in a motorcycle accident has on someone and their family. This means that we work diligently to recover the most compensation for you.

Understanding the Rights of Motorcyclists in McAllen, Texas

Anyone on the road, including those riding motorcycles, deserve to be safe. Unfortunately, when someone is involved in a motorcycle accident, they often experience serious injury. We at Tijerina Legal Group P.C. represent those who have been victims of motorcycle accidents whether because of speeding, reckless driving, distracted driving, or improper lane changes.

The best motorcycle accident attorney is one that understands Texas motorcycle laws and how to build a strong claim that will hold up during negotiations for a settlement or in court. Our Texas law firm in Brownsville is prepared to protect the rights of those who need us the most. We can help you to get paid for your medical bills, lost wages or potential earnings or any other related costs to your injuries.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation Today with the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney

We at Tijerina Legal Group P.C. are experienced when it comes to investigating motorcycle accidents to preserve evidence that helps us to win your case. We offer only the most expert and compassionate legal representation in Texas from with one of the best motorcycle accident attorneys around. To schedule an important initial free consultation with the best motorcycle accident attorney, call our office at 956-972-0141.

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT: Do’s And Don’ts After An Auto Accident.

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You’re cruising on your morning commute when suddenly; a car appears out of nowhere and swerves right in front of you.  You slam on your brakes and yank your steering wheel to the side but then you hear that sickening crunch as you’re jolted forward. Both vehicles come to a stop.  You’re shaken and your heart is racing, and you’ve just been in an Auto Accident.

As skilled injury attorneys serving McAllen Texas, Brownsville Texas, and the surrounding areas, we see our share pexels-photo-110241of auto accident victims.  We think it’s important to occasionally remind the friends of our firm, what they should do when they are in an accident.  This directly affects the outcome of their insurance claim and potential lawsuit.  You not only need to know what steps to take for safety and for your own well-being, but also what steps to take to improve your chances of a successful insurance claim.

We of course hope that you will never be in an automobile accident. But motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, car and scooter crashes and SUV rollovers unfortunately happen every day.  Let’s pretend it just happened to you, and review our Do’s and Don’ts of after an Auto Accident.


1. Check yourself for injuries and make sure you are not bleeding anywhere. If you are, try to wrap or cover the bleeding area immediately.  If you have passengers in the vehicle with you, you should check them for injuries as well.

2. Quickly scan the vehicle for any dangerous signs like sparks, flames or leaking liquids. You may need to exit the vehicle very quickly. If you cannot open a door try the other doors or get a window down.

Safety Tip: It is wise to keep something in your car that you can break a window with should you ever be unable to get a window down.

3. If anyone in either vehicle is injured, an ambulance should be called immediately.  No matter how small the damages to your car(s), the police should be called also. The police report is necessary if you are going to pursue any claim. Pain and injuries can show up a day or even several days after an accident.

4. Record the information from the other driver — their name, license tag number, address and insurance company. If they flee the scene, call the police immediately and the police will attempt to apprehend them.

5. Whoever is able, should take pictures of the scene right away.  Include the position of all the vehicles and any debris or items around you that could have contributed to or affected the outcome of the accident.  Do not move your vehicle and ask the other parties not to move their vehicle either.  (Unless your accident was simply a very light fender bender, or if your vehicle is posing a hazard to other drivers.)

If you are injured and unable to stand up/move around and take pictures, ask a bystander or spectator if they would take pictures for you.

6. If you are capable, immediately take notes about what happened. Estimate the speeds of both vehicles and note any conditions or situations at the scene of the accident such as debris on the road, a malfunctioning traffic light, a speeding driver, construction, etc. Anything you can think of should be noted. Insignificant details can become important later. When the police speak to you, be honest and forthcoming. It is in your best interest.


1. Don’t speak to the other driver or any of the passengers in the other vehicle, unless it is to obtain their personal contact, license, tag, and insurance information. Speak only to the police officer who arrives on the scene.

2. Don’t agree to settle the dispute privately, chances are that you’ll regret this later.  Our attorneys have seen time and time again; accident victims come to our law firm and wish to pursue a claim after the other party failed to cooperate or failed to pay them the amount of money on which they agreed.

3. Don’t make a recorded statement with an insurance company.  From the scene or immediately after you leave the scene, you should contact your auto insurance company.  The insurance representative will attempt to have you record a statement to wrap things up quickly. They want to document a binding record of events and injuries before you even know the whole story. Don’t let this happen to you. We have seen physical conditions develop days or even weeks after an accident.

You need to assess injuries and damages before you agree to anything, and the mental stress you are experiencing may affect your ability to give a proper statement of events.

4. Don’t sign any documents for the insurance company or accept any payments.  You may not be aware your rights, and speaking to a personal injury attorney can help your case.

Next steps:

In the weeks and months after the accident, keep all receipts and record all activity pertaining to the accident. Make sure you keep all of your medical records and all paperwork from every doctor visit or other practitioner visits such as chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, MRIs, etc.

Summary Checklist:

Do: Check yourself for injuries.

Do: Scan the vehicle for any signs you may be in further danger.

Do: Call an ambulance if anyone in either vehicle is injured.

Do: Record the information from the other driver.

Do: Take pictures of the scene right away (whoever is able.)

Do: Take notes about what happened.

Don’t: Don’t speak to the other driver or any of the passengers in the other vehicle (unless it is to record the identifying information you need for insurance.)

Don’t: Don’t agree to settle the dispute privately.

Don’t: Don’t make a recorded statement with an insurance company.

Don’t: Don’t sign any documents for the insurance company or accept any payments.

Safety first:

Always wear your seat belts and always keep your auto insurance paid and up to date. It is extremely wise to carry uninsured motorist coverage because many accidents happen with the other driver had no or insufficient coverage. Our McAllen injury attorneys welcome your questions at any time.

Can a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Sue Bars for Over-Serving Patrons?

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When a customer visits a local bar, they are accountable for their own actions. If driving, that means understanding their limitations and following the law by making sure that they never get behind the wheel while intoxicated or impaired.

The state of Texas expects anyone with a driver’s license to act responsibly, but establishments can also be responsible for damages when they serve alcohol to drunken drivers. In most states, bars or restaurants are required serve their guests responsibly.  They must watch customer behavior to make sure they are not becoming intoxicated. When a drunken guest leaves a bar and tries to drive, the seller must help them find another way home.  If the guest still drives away, the sellers call the police to tell them that the guest is driving drunk.  Texas personal injury lawyers consider these requirements when a victim is injured by a drunk driver, who was over-served at a bar or restaurant.

The Texas Dram Shop Act

If a drunk driver causes damages or injuries, a Texas personal injury lawyer may be able to hold a bar or restaurant responsible by utilizing the Texas Dram Shop Act of 1987.  This act means that courts hold alcohol sellers liable for accidents that resulted, at least in part, because of the over-service of alcohol.

The act states that a server of alcohol may be liable in a drunken driving accident case if:

• The seller provided alcohol after it was clear that the patron was intoxicated;
• The seller continued to provide alcohol even after it was evident the patron posed a danger;
• The intoxication of the patron is what caused the accident and injuries.

The Texas Dram Shop Act also protects passengers inside the vehicle with the drunken driver, and pedestrians struck by the driver’s vehicle.  Basically, the Dram Shop Act holds the bar or restaurant responsible, when they continue to serve alcohol to a person that was drunk and did not make sure that the guest got home safely.

McAllen Personal Injury

Restaurants are required to serve alcohol responsibly.

A bar or it’s employees may face criminal charges.

They could also lose their ability to serve alcohol. When a bar is associated with a drunken driving incident, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission investigates to determine if there is any reason to take away the beer/wine or liquor permit.

A McAllen or Brownsville personal injury lawyer builds evidence after a drunken driving incident. An attorney interviews witnesses that can testify to the defendant’s behavior.

Texas personal injury attorneys investigate any and all evidence that will show that the driver was intoxicated.  For example, the driver’s Blood Alcohol Content is taken by police after the incident, and used as evidence.  They also find videos that show the driver slurring, staggering while walking,  or showing other signs of being drunk.  Especially if the bar or restaurant continued to serve them alcohol.

Hiring A Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Those injured in a motor vehicle accident that involved a drunken driver in McAllen or Brownsville, Texas should contact Tijerina Law Group P.C. as soon as possible.

Our attorneys determine if the Texas Dram Shop Act applies, and work to make sure that the drunken driver is held responsible for injuries caused by their actions. Whether or not the bar or restaurant can be held liable, driver must be held accountable for their reckless behavior. The driver and/or alcohol seller may be required to pay compensation to all victims.

Contact Tijerina Legal Group, P.C. by calling 956-777-7777 or complete an online contact form to speak with a Tijerina personal injury team member for your McAllen or Brownsville, Texas Personal Injury case.

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Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents in Texas and How to Prevent Them

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Motorcycles offer little protection, so motorcyclists need to learn to drive defensively and constantly be aware of their surroundings in order to protect themselves on the road. Unfortunately, no matter how careful motorcyclists are, accidents can and do still occur.

On average, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), a motorcyclist dies in a road accident in Texas every day. Furthermore, the Insurance Information Institute states that in 2013, motorcyclists were more likely (26 times more) to be in fatal crash per vehicle mile than car passengers, and five times more likely to sustain injuries.

What Type of Injuries are the Most Common?

Motorcycle crashes may occur less frequently than car accidents, but there is definitely an argument that the injuries sustained on a motorcycle can be more devastating than in a car, due to the general lack of protection offered. What are the most common types of injuries motorcyclists are at risk of?

  1. Head Injuries

According to TXDOT, in 51.6% of motorcyclist fatalities and in 46.3% of incapacitating injuries, motorcyclists were not wearing helmets. These are particularly concerning, due to the fact that the skull houses one of the most important organs of the body. Head injuries can range from minor concussion to brain damage, and brain damage can be fatal. An injury to the neck can also paralyze and potentially kill as well.

In order to avoid such injuries, a helmet should be warn at all times when on a motorcycle – passengers included. A helmet can mean the difference between life and death.

  1. Leg Injuries

Leg injuries include the feet, knees and hips. Although these injuries are less likely to result in death, they can be permanently disabling. According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some of the most common leg injuries in motorcycle accidents included:

  • Tibia Fractures
  • Pelvic Fractures
  • Hip Dislocations and more.

Not much can be done to protect the lower extremities from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, but wearing protective leather clothing such as long pants and motorcycle boots can help prevent some injuries.

  1. Hand and Wrist Injuries

A report by the NHTSA also stated that these injuries account for approximately 40% of motorcycle injuries. Human instinct causes motorcyclists to try and lessen the impact of their fall by putting their hands out when thrown off their motorcycle. Elbow pads, gloves, and leather jackets can come in handy to help break a fall.

Personal Injury Attorney McAllen

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries. If another party is directly or indirectly responsible for another’s injuries, the injured motorcyclist is going to need a personal injury attorney to help them navigate the legalities of the case. McAllen personal injury lawyer, Tijerina Legal Group P.C. is located in McAllen and Brownsville, Texas and is well-versed in personal injury law related to motorcycle accidents. Contact us for a free consultation and tell us about your situation and the details surrounding your motorcycle injury.

To Scooter or Not to Scooter?

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There’s been a lot of dialogue about gas prices and the effect they’re having on vehicle sales. On the one hand, we’ve seen reports showing that fuel efficiency is now the main factor in new car purchase decisions – reports that complement the increased popularity of fuel-efficient cars. On the other hand, there are some contradictory reports that indicate shoppers pay more attention to a vehicle’s price than its fuel efficiency. So really, which feature is more vital: the MPG or the price? Well, it’s both. Read More