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Summer Heat Brings Increased McAllen Swimming Pool Accidents

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When it gets hot and steamy in McAllen, to beat the heat, untold numbers of people retreat to the cool and refreshing waters in backyard and public swimming pools.  But each year, it seems that too many stories pop up in the news about drownings and near drownings from people who are either careless or suffered an accident through no fault of their own. Tragically, many of the victims of swimming pool accidents are young children who don’t know how to swim and were left unattended, even for just a moment or two.

Swimming Pool Accidents Are Generally the Result of Inadequate Safety Precautions

Swimming pool accidents can take place in private or public pools and can happen even with the supervision of a lifeguard.  At times, a child may also slip through a fence or not be blocked by a fence at all, get too close to the water, slip and fall in, and drown in a matter of minutes.

In cases where there were inadequate safety measures put into place, a victim or their family members can sue responsible parties to seek payment for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, and in some cases, funeral costs.  When a child is involved, these discussions and negotiations can be especially gut-wrenching.  Dollar amounts will also generally be higher because calculations may need to be extended out of a much longer period, either for a permanent medical condition such as brain damage, or a permanent loss of job and companionship.

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