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McAllen Traumatic Brain Injury Cases are Among the Most Complicated of All Personal Injury Suits

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Because there is still so much we don’t understand about how the brain functions, when someone sustains a traumatic brain injury in McAllen due to someone else’s negligence, the resulting lawsuit can be among the most complicated and arduous of all types of personal injury cases.

Brain injuries can have an impact on not only the victim but for all family members for many years to come.  It is essential to retain an experienced attorney who has already dealt with many traumatic brain injury cases to give you the best possible chance at receiving compensation.

How Do Brain Injuries Take Place?

In some cases, a person may be fully responsible for their brain injury.  But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, statistics also bear out that many times traumatic brain injuries are the result of motor vehicle accidents, assaults or falls.  And there are more traumatic brain injury cases in McAllen and throughout the United States than you might suspect.  In 2013, the CDC estimated that there were close to 3 million traumatic brain injury emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths ranging from mild cases to severe.

What complicates a brain injury case is that in some instances the injury may be temporary.  In other cases, the injury will be permanent, resulting in a need for lifetime care.  This can raise the stakes of a lawsuit considerably, resulting in a settlement that can run into many millions of dollars.

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