How a Construction Accident Attorney Maximizes Your Success of Winning a Case

Construction professionals work long hard days in potentially dangerous situations. There is often the expectation that an injury might occur. In some instances, injuries can be serious and life-changing causing long recovery times. This can be a huge financial burden for many construction professionals and their families. A McAllen, Texas attorney that is educated and experienced in construction accidents can provide you with the legal help you need when deciding what the next move should be for you and your family.

A construction accident attorney in Texas works very hard to help their clients to get the compensation that they need for their medical bills, lost income, and for the future of their families. Through conversation with an experienced attorney, it will be determined whether your case has merit and what you can expect through the legal process.

How a McAllen Texas Legal Team Can Help

Our team of attorneys will learn about the facts of your accident and through investigation will find the responsible party. They will then determine how the case should proceed and what the deadlines involved are. There is a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit of two years in most cases in Texas. Our attorneys at Tijerina Legal Group P.C. are fully aware of these deadlines and will ensure that they are not missed. Thanks to the assistance of an attorney in Brownsville, you will be able to focus on recovery and your family during this difficult time.

What to Expect When First Contacting a Construction Accident Attorney in Brownsville

If you have never enlisted the help of an attorney, you might be concerned about the legal process. The attorney will first meet with you to talk about the accident and your injuries. One of our McAllen attorneys will ask a series of questions that will better help them to understand how you got where you are. They will want to understand your prognosis or as much is known at the time. You may be asked to provide some documentation such as medical records, employment records, and any incident reports that might have been completed. You will likely be asked to complete and sign an authorization allowing the attorney to retrieve documents from your doctor and employer on your behalf, so that they can receive documents in a timely fashion in the future and allows you to be removed as the middle man so that you can focus on your recovery.

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The team at Tijerina Legal Group P.C. responds quickly to your calls and is always ready to help you get started protecting yourself during your recovery. The sooner you are in touch with our Texas legal team, the faster you can let someone else do the leg work for you and to begin speaking on your behalf. Call us today at (956) 777-7777 to talk with a professional. We offer a free consultation for you or a loved one. Not only that, we will represent you throughout the case, and not seek payment until you win a recovery. That’s the T, No Fee, Guarantee.

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