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Edinburg Truck Accident Lawyer

Edinburg, TX, faces inherent risks of truck accidents due to its bustling transportation corridors. Truck accidents, involving massive commercial vehicles outweighing passenger cars by several tons, pose significantly higher dangers than typical car accidents. The sheer size and weight of trucks intensify the impact, leading to more severe injuries and fatalities for those involved.

Proving liability in truck accidents adds another layer of complexity, as it entails investigating not only the actions of the truck driver but also the negligent practices of the trucking company. Factors such as driver fatigue, inadequate training, maintenance negligence, or violations of federal regulations may contribute to accidents.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Edinburg, TX, Tijerina Legal Group is your dedicated partner to help you seek justice and rightful compensation. With a proven track record of achieving large settlements and verdicts for our clients, we are fully equipped to champion your rights. Call us today at (956) 777-7770 to request a free consultation, and let our Edinburg personal injury lawyer be the relentless advocate you need to secure the justice you deserve.

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Why You Should Contact Us as Soon as Possible After Your Truck Accident

Securing Evidence from the Crash Site

After a truck accident in Edinburg, TX, swift action makes all the difference. At Tijerina Legal Group, we recognize the importance of securing evidence from the accident site while it is still fresh.

Our team moves quickly to document the scene, gather physical evidence, obtain surveillance camera footage from nearby locations, and identify and interview eyewitnesses. By acting quickly, we ensure that vital details are secured, providing a solid foundation for building a compelling case.

Preservation of Black Box Data

The black box in commercial trucks holds valuable data that can offer insights into the circumstances leading to an accident. To safeguard this critical information, we will quickly send spoliation letters to the defendants, including the trucking company and other relevant parties.

This legal maneuver compels them to preserve the black box data. Our experts then securely download and analyze this data, working with accident reconstruction specialists to uncover key details that will help determine liability of the negligent parties.

Staying Ahead of the Defendants

Trucking companies and their insurance providers will act fast to protect their interests after an accident. By contacting us early, you gain a strategic advantage. We stay one step ahead of the trucking company and insurance entities, preventing spoliation of evidence, and aggressively building your case for damages.

Our proactive approach not only shields you from unfair tactics, but also positions us to represent you strongly during settlement negotiations and achieve maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

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Choose the Skilled and Resourceful Truck Accident Attorneys in Edinburg, TX

Stakes are high in truck accident cases in Edinburg, TX. At Tijerina Legal Group, our experienced truck accident lawyers are recognized for their commitment to justice for the injured victims – demonstrated through our impressive track record of settlements and verdicts.

Do not entrust your case to just anyone – choose the proven Edinburg, TX truck accident attorneys at our law firm. To schedule your free consultation, call us at (956) 777-7770 or fill out this online contact form. Remember, at Tijerina Legal Group, you don’t pay unless we win – your fight is our fight.

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