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Personal Injury Attorney McAllen, child safety seats impact during car accident

(English) Child Safety Seats and Their Impact During Accidents

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One of the most successful safety innovations in the auto industry of the 60’s is safety seats designed for children and infants riding in vehicles.

The seats are designed to hold children in place in case of an accident, preventing them from being ejected from the compartment of the passenger seat or thrown into the instrument panel or even other sections of the vehicle.

Safety seats are customized to the anatomy of children and designed for child restraint without the need for force application, which can be harmful to vulnerable parts of the body.

All vehicles now come standard with lap and shoulder belts designed specifically for adults, hence they are unsuitable for young children.

A leading cause of death in the U.S, and particularly McAllen, are motor vehicle injuries. However, most of these deaths can be prevented and this is where child safety seats comes in.

Risk Factors for Teens and Children

Drunk driving, unbelted drivers, failure to use safety seats and incorrect use of restraint systems have been identified by various studies as the main risk factors for children and teens involved in road crashes.

Prevention of Motor Vehicle Deaths and Injuries in Children

  • Education programs, car seat distribution and car seat laws have been put in place to decrease deaths and injuries to child passengers while increasing the use of restraint.
  • The use of booster seats or car seats by children aged at least 7 or 8 years, according to a study, reduced fatalities by 17%.
  • It is also important to know the stages and how to properly buckle children in booster seats, car seats or even seat belts.

Rear-facing car seats are appropriate for children aged 2 years or less, forward-facing car seats for kids aged 2 to 5 years, booster seats for those at least 5 years (some states increased this to 7 or 8 years) and seat belts for adults and older children.

Jury Awards 34.4 million in a Car Seat Trial

Dorel Juvenile Inc., a car seat manufacturer, was ordered by a federal jury to pay the sum of $34.4 million to a family in East Texas for the life-threatening injuries and damages sustained by their child in 2013 during a car crash. The company was sued for negligence and failure to warn users of the impending danger while using its Safety 1st Summit seat in a forward facing car seat for children aged 2 years or less.

Personal Injury Attorney McAllen

We can’t stress enough the importance of using car seats to reduce the risk of personal injury to children in case of an auto accident. If you or members of your family have been hurt in an auto accident, contact a personal injury attorney in McAllen to help make a claim for the injuries or damages incurred. If you found this article helpful, please like or share it.

Auto Accident Attorney McAllen, DUI Accidents in Texas

(English) DUI Accidents and Their Impact on the Community

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Driving under the influence (DUI), is when a person drives after drinking alcohol and still has enough alcohol in their system to impair their abilities or register above the legal limit. The first DUI offense typically results in a 1-year loss of license and enrolling in an outpatient alcohol abuse program mandated by the federal government, or even probation. Multiple DUI offenses lead to prosecution under the Texas law. In a case where a DUI accident results in death, the driver is charged with vehicular manslaughter.

In 2011, according to reports by the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 169 DWI auto accidents in McAllen. The auto crashes resulted in the death of 2 and injury of 154 people. DUI is a major problem in the wider Texas area.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), of all the fatalities in the area, 40% result from driving under the influence of alcohol. Actually, Texas is ranked 4th by MADD for DUI accidents.

Top 4 Effects of DUI on the Community

DUI accidents do not just impact the drunk drivers, but also involve many people in the local community. Passengers in the vehicles involved in DUI crashes get injured in addition to being traumatized emotionally. Other passengers, drivers and pedestrians are also traumatized and injured in auto accidents.

  1. Family and Friends

Auto accidents as a result of DUI impacts the friends and family members of those involved in the accidents emotionally. They have to deal with the severe injuries sustained by their loved ones, or in worst case scenarios, death.

Although the drunk drivers are solely responsible for the accident, their friends or family members might feel guilty for letting them drive under the influence.

  1. The Drunk Driver

The driver responsible for the accident can also feel guilty and emotionally traumatized for causing injuries or even death to other persons. They also face legal problems for breaking the law. Other than losing their licenses, they also risk losing a spouse, job or even custody of children, let alone the costs and fines they have to face.

  1. The Economy

DUI auto accidents also affect the economy of the community, state and nation at large. In 2000, DUI crashes cost the US approximately $114.3 billion, including $63.2 billion in lost quality of life and $51.1 billion in monetary costs.

Over $71.6 billion were paid in bills of DUI crashes, making up 63% of the total costs incurred as a result of accidents. Although punishing offenders, reduced drunk driving, stricter sentencing and educating the youth on dangers of DUI have reduced drunk driving arrests, today more costs are incurred as a result of accidents.

  1. Ruined Lives of Millions

The pain of losing a loved one in an auto crash is one that never goes away. This is something that the friends and families of crash victims put up with for the rest of their lives.

Auto Accident Attorney McAllen

If you or a member of your family has been in a car accident resulting from someone driving under the influence, contact an auto accident attorney in McAllen to help make a claim for the injuries or damages incurred. The Tijerina Legal Group can easily be accessed in your time of need by calling (956) 777-7777.