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Getting Paid After Sustaining Injuries From An Accident

Getting paid after sustaining injuries from an accident is important for your recovery. Accident injuries take a toll on you physically and emotionally. Our job as personal injury attorneys in McAllen, and sorrounding cities, is to fight for your financial rights after an accident injury, so you can focus on getting better.

First, after a car crash or a trucking accident, you may have severe neck y back injuries. These types of injuries require bed rest, which means your physical activity is going to be cut to nearly zero. If you’re too hurt to work, you will need extra money coming in to support your living expenses. Second, financial stresses and the lack of mobility can cause all sorts of emotional and mental anxieties. This is why we also try to sue for pain and suffering, you deserve to be financially compensated after an injury.

Hiring an Injury Attorney In McAllen, TX 

If you’re thinking about hiring an injury attorney in McAllen, TX then you’ve come to the right website. Our law firm published video tutorials on a monthly basis. In our “Tijerina Talks” videos we discuss all areas of injury law, and we especially tackle vehicle-related injuries. In addition to our video podcasts, we also write multiple articles every month where we address issues and events throughout the Rio Grande Valley. If you have questions about an injury case, or if you would like to have a lawyer analyze your injury claim, please call us now.

The Tijerina Legal Group offers a complimentary, totally free, personal injury consultation. During your consult, you will meet with Mr. Tijerina one on one. Our law firm will address each of your concerns and we will take as much time as you need to answer your questions. We have offices in Abogado deBrownsville, and we handle injury cases throughout the entire Rio Grande, TX.

Can a Personal Injury Lawyer get me paid faster after sustaining injuries from an accident? 

We get this question a lot, and it’s kind of a “loaded one” at best. There are essentially two types of personal injury attorneys. The kind that represents defendants, like insurance companies or businesses, and plaintiff injury attorneys who represent victims and sue to get them paid. Humberto Tijerina is a plaintiffs injury attorney. His job is to fight for your financial rights after sustaining an injury. To answer this question, we believe that retaining an Abogado de lesiones to represent your claim shows the insurance company that you mean business. We’re not afraid to take an insurance company to court if they don’t settle your claim.

How much is my injury claim worth and when can I money? 

In the video above we mention that we offer a free consultation. During your meeting with our law firm, we will analyze your case. While it’s impossible to guarantee a certain result, and no one can foresee a specific settlement value, we can however calculate a potential estimate. Humberto is an award-winning injury lawyer. He has won millions of dollars for accident injury victims throughout the State of Texas. If you would like to discuss your case, and you want a lawyer to analyze your situation, call us now at (956) 777-7777.

McAllen Personal Injury Attorneys

The McAllen Personal Injury Lawyers at the Tijerina Legal Group is here to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We know that accidents occurs when you least expect it. Worse, the insurance policies that we pay to protect us when unexpected issues arise usually isn’t there when we need it. This is why personal injury attorneys exist. Our job is to protect your financial rights after an injury. We will FIGHT to get you PAID.

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