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Racing Accidents and Hiring an Injury Attorney

CBS 4 News reported about a fatal accident that took place a few days ago right here in The Rio Grande Valley. According to the news story, 23 years old Felipe Lozano was arrested after a racing crash. The accident took the life of Zaith Morado. An underage racer was also taken into custody. As if our roads are not dangerous enough, additional risks such as holiday drinking and bad weather only make matters worse. Carless people racing throughout our towns is the last thing we need right now. If you, or a loved one, have been injured in an auto accident please call us right away.

The Tijerina Legal Group has been fighting for the rights of auto accident victims for over 19 years. Our McAllen personal injury attorneys know how to protect your financial rights after a crash. Whether you have basic injuries and just need help with rental car coverage, or if you’ve been seriously injured, we can help. We offer a free consultation and we can meet with you in our office or in your home. Call (956) 777-7777 now to talk to a personal Abogado de lesiones in McAllen, TX.

Injury Lawyers in McAllen, TX 

The tragic accident we mentioned above won’t be the last this holiday season. According to SCRAM Systems, national probation, and enforcement software agency, every year hundreds of holiday-related DUI’s take place. In fact, even the Texas Department of Transportation released an article about tips to avoid DUI’s during the holidays. Regardless of how well you prepare, there is nothing you can do to stop careless people from making our highways dangerous. There are lots of personal injury lawyers in McAllen, TX. However, not all have the track record of Humberto Tijerina.

If you end up in an accident this holiday season, please call our law firm right away. We’ve already experienced an increase in accident calls, and we know that it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. It’s not just drunk drivers that cause crashes. People rushing around to stores and not focusing on driving causes multiple crashes each season. In addition, winter storms cause all sorts of hazardous road conditions. With lots of holiday travelers, ice roads and rain can make for treacherous traveling conditions. Call and ask to speak to Mr. Tijerina if you’ve been injured in an accident.

Winter Weather and an Increase in Auto Accidents 

De acuerdo a, holiday storms are far more deadly than tornados, hurricanes, and floods combined. Texas gets smacked hard every year with rough winter weather. In fact, we’ve already witnessed a relationship between winter weather and an increase in auto accidents, and it’s just now December. Our law firm provides a very thorough injury consultation. If you would like to speak to a McAllen car crash attorney, click here. You will get to schedule a free meeting with Humberto Tijerina.

During your consultation, Mr. Tijerina will analyze your accident. He will work to see if he can obtain rental car coverage, as well as identify strengths and weaknesses with your case. While no attorney can guarantee results, it may be possible for our law firm to provide a theoretical estimate of a potential settlement value. To learn more about our law firm, and the types of vehicle injury cases we represent, access our video library. We just launched a web-based podcast called Tijerina Talks. Check out our personal injury attorney videos or call us at (956) 777-7777.

What to do after a Car Accident this winter in Mcallen, TX 

If you’re wondering what to do after a car accident this winter in McAllen, TX we’re here to help. First things first, don’t panic. While our website cannot give you medical or legal advice, we do recommend seeking medical attention right after an accident. Even if you do not have pain right away, it’s still a good idea to get checked out. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if you’ve been hurt or not. By allowing a doctor to examine you after an accident, it could help if you do have injuries but delayed symptoms.

Why do we believe it’s so important to go to the doctor or hospital after a car accident? Simple, if you don’t link the accident to your injuries you may have a tough time getting an insurance company to pay you. We know this because we deal with accidente de carro cases daily. After you seek medical attention give us a call. We can help file your claim and may be able to get you a rental car. Remember, if your hurt dial SEVEN. That’s (956) 777-7777.

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