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When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

So, do you need to hire an injury lawyer? Is a personal injury attorney right for you? Is there a time when you need to hire an injury lawyer? Let’s discuss when to hire a personal injury attorney and why the Tijerina Legal Group might be the law firm for you.

Why Would You Want to Hire an Injury Lawyer? 

We don’t believe that anyone wakes up in the morning excited to hire an injury attorney. Why would you? If you’re in the market to retain an injury law firm then chances are either you or a loved one has been hurt. Dealing with physical therapy and recovering after an accident injury is anything but fun. However, accidents happen. When then do, you may be facing a large financial battle. Medical expenses lost wages, and auto repair bills can become overwhelming. While most people are under the impression that insurance companies are built to cover accident injury costs, the truth is far different. This is where we want to start our discussion.

Insurance companies, regardless of what they portray on television, do not line up to pay you after an accident. Insurance companies are financial institutions. Or, to make things more simplistic, insurance companies are somewhat like investment firms. They take the money we pay for our policies and they, well, invest it into financial vehicles in hopes of yielding a return. That’s how they make money. In contrast, they lose money when they pay big injury claims. In fact, insurance companies hire adjusters y underwriters who work to protect their financial positions. So, it quickly becomes clear that insurance companies have a vested interest to deny your injury claim.

In other businesses they may consider this set up as a “conflict of interest” and some business regulatory agencies may even prohibit this type of arrangement. However, it’s totally legal in the world of insurance. So, why would you want to hire an Abogado de lesiones? Simple, to protect your financial rights after being hurt in an accident. Our McAllen personal injury attorneys know how to protect your best interests. To be blunt, you may want to hire an injury attorney after any type of accident in which you sustain any level of injuries.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Law Firm? 

So, if you’re still reading through this article it’s a safe bet you’re considering retaining an attorney. You may be wondering what are the benefits of hiring a personal injury law firm, and that’s good. We believe that no one should rush into any type of legal decision. Instead, we suggest doing your own research. In order to make an educated choice you first need to educate yourself. One great way of doing this is by talking with personal injury attorneys in McAllen. It’s our opinion that by asking questions and addressing your concerns you can gain insight into your legal options.

Think about where you are at in your life, your career. You did not get there without learning. If you’re pondering the potential of taking an injury claim to court or fighting to get paid after an accident, you should know your rights and the way the law works. Humberto Tijerina and our entire staff at the Tijerina Legal Group put accident victims first. We believe there are multiple benefits of retaining an injury attorney to submit and manage your injury claim. Here are the top five reasons we think you may want to hire an Abogado de lesiones.

The Top Five Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident 

As we mentioned earlier, and we mention often, we believe in free information. Transparency, honesty, and knowledge are pillars we’ve built our law firm upon. By educating our clients we believe that they can not only learn more about how injury law works but more importantly, about how our legal system works. The United States is the land of opportunity, a new beginning. Most of us in Abogado de and the Rio Grande, TX are either first-generation Americans or our children are. Mr. Tijerina’s roots in McAllen are rich and he believes in educating anyone who desires to learn about their legal rights as accident victims.

1. Knowing the Law

Attorneys are educated individuals that have met the requirements of their states and or venues and have been licensed to practice law. Okay, so what does that really mean? Simply put, lawyers are professionals who have spent time educating themselves about the laws that govern certain topics or areas. Personal injury attorneys practice injury law. Knowing the law, understanding how rules and regulations may affect your claim, are all valuable things. Hiring an injury attorney means that you have a trained professional managing your claim rather than trying to handle it all by yourself.

2. Understanding How Insurance Companies Work 

As we mentioned earlier in this article insurance companies care about profits. They also spend lots of money employing adjusters, underwriters, and their own injury attorneys who work to protect their financial interests. Understanding how insurance companies work may make a difference in the courtroom. Understanding what your opponent may do or bring to the table during a legal battle can give you an upper hand. Injury lawyers tend to know lots about how insurance companies work and the little “tricks” they try to win a legal war.

3. Denied Injury Claims

Insurance companies are notorious for denying injury claims. Now, insurance companies also lose billions of dollars due to fraudulent claims. So there’s a reason why they would want to and need to, protect themselves. Unfortnelty, as we’ve touched on multiple times, insurance companies also have a vested interest to deny claims. Injury attorneys may be able to submit and manage your claim better than you can all alone. This may increase the chances of your claim getting paid, instead of being denied.

4. Showing You’re Ready to Fight

When you hire a personal injury attorney it also means you mean business. In our opinion, showing you’re ready to fight means the insurance company won’t try to walk all over you. When you go up against an insurance company on your own we believe they may take advantage of you. By “lawyering up” we think it makes the insurance company second guess trying to play games, or offering a low ball settlement amount just to try and pressure you.

5. Getting Paid 

Obviously, the number one reason you may want to hire an attorney is to get paid. Injury clients want to get paid quickly and for the most money possible. Personal injury attorneys build your case and manage your claim. By gathering medical records, witnesses, professional testimonies, and documentation an injury lawyer can fight to win your claim.

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