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(English) Have You Been Injured Due to a Defective Product in Brownsville?

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  • 07 de enero de 2019

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When you buy a product at a store in Brownsville, you not only have the right to believe it will work as advertised, you are also protected by a series of state laws that protect consumers and place product liability concerns directly on the manufacturers and their partners, wholesalers, and retailers.  These laws are based on negligence, strict liability, or breach of warranty issues.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Product Liability Cases

When a person is injured because a product did not perform the way it was anticipated, there are generally three different ways that an attorney will pursue a product liability suit.

A product can be designed poorly in the initial stages of development.  When there is a flaw that is built in as part of the design process, and it is not identified or resolved in later stages of development, this can open the door to the production of thousands of defective products.

Even when a product is designed well, there’s always the possibility that the design may be executed in a substandard way when it is manufactured.  This may be due to outsourcing to a low-quality partner to try and cut production costs or not realizing that a part of the process has become corrupted, ending up with a dangerous product in the marketplace.

When a product is designed and built well, it can also be the subject of a marketing defect.  This means that poor supporting instructions on how to use the product could create a dangerous situation, also resulting in careless and negligent injuries.

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