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McAllen Cement Truck Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving cement trucks or concrete mixers in McAllen, TX can be devastating for the injured victims. If you have suffered injuries in such a crash, schedule a free case evaluation with our McAllen cement truck accident lawyers at Tijerina Legal Group today.

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Why Cement Trucks Are More Dangerous on the Roads in McAllen, TX?

Cement trucks pose an increased risk of accidents due to several factors inherent to their design and operation.

Weight and Size

Cement trucks are large and heavy vehicles, often carrying substantial loads of concrete. The sheer weight and size make them more challenging to maneuver, and they require additional space on the road, increasing the risk of accidents — especially in congested urban areas like McAllen.

Limited Visibility 

The rotating drum on the back of a cement truck can create blind spots for the driver. Limited visibility makes it challenging to spot nearby vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists, increasing the likelihood of collisions during turns or lane changes.

Complex Maneuvering 

Cement trucks make frequent stops, starts, and turns, particularly when driving to construction sites. These maneuvers increase the risk of accidents, especially when other road users may not anticipate sudden movements.

Concrete Load Shifting 

The nature of transporting concrete in a rotating drum makes the load dynamic. If the concrete is not properly mixed or if the truck undergoes sudden movements, the load may shift, affecting the vehicle’s stability and potentially leading to accidents.

Wide Turns 

Cement trucks often require wide turns to navigate corners, posing a risk to vehicles in adjacent lanes. Other motorists may not be aware of the truck’s turning radius, leading to side-swipe accidents.

Construction Site Challenges 

Cement trucks frequently operate in and around construction sites, where there may be uneven surfaces, debris, or other obstacles. Negotiating these conditions adds an extra layer of complexity and risk to their operation.

Stopping Distance 

The weight of cement trucks requires a longer stopping distance. If the driver is unable to stop in time due to sudden traffic changes or obstacles, it can result in rear-end collisions or other accidents.


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Get a Dedicated McAllen Cement Truck Accident Lawyer on Your Side

At Tijerina Legal Group, we understand the complexities of cement truck accidents and are committed to ensuring that justice is served. With a proven track record of recovering compensation for injured victims, our team of McAllen cement truck accident attorneys brings exceptional skills, experience, and resources to your case. Call us at (956) 777-7770 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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