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Swift Truck Accident Lawyers

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Swift commercial accidentes de camiones are a prevalent issue in the transportation industry, causing significant disruption to traffic and, unfortunately, leading to numerous injuries and fatalities annually. The involvement of large vehicles, such as tractor-trailers and delivery trucks, in road incidents has consequences that far surpass those involving only passenger cars.

By examining the factors behind these crashes, it becomes possible to develop strategies to prevent them and mitigate their impacts on both the transportation system and the people involved.


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Commercial Truck Accidents: A Common Occurrence

Many factors contribute to the occurrence of swift commercial accidentes de camiones, ranging from human error to mechanical failure and environmental conditions. Truck drivers face challenges like long hours of operation, tight delivery schedules, and navigating complex roadways, which can result in fatigue, distraction, or misjudgment — all increasing the likelihood of a potentially disastrous accident. Vehicles’ mechanical issues, inadequate maintenance, and road hazards exacerbate the problem, creating an environment where accidents are more probable.

In addition to these factors, inadequate training or experience of truck drivers can lead to improper handling of vehicles and increased likelihood of accidents. Poor vehicle maintenance, such as failing to check brakes, tires, and lights, can cause mechanical issues that contribute to crashes.

Navigating the Aftermath of a Swift Truck Accident

Immediately after a Swift truck accident, it’s important to prioritize personal safety. If possible, move to a safe location away from traffic hazards. Once everyone is safe, follow these steps:

Call 911: Report the accident and request medical assistance if needed.

Document the scene: Take photos of the vehicles, road conditions, and injuries.

Gather information: Collect contact information and insurance details from all parties involved.

Identify witnesses: Locate any witnesses and obtain their contact information.

Avoid discussing fault: Do not admit fault or blame others at the scene.

Seek medical attention: Even if injuries appear minor, it’s essential to get checked by a healthcare professional.

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Legal Considerations and Compensation

After the initial steps, it’s crucial to consider the legal aspects and potential compensation for the accident. Here’s what to do next:

Contact a truck accident attorney: Consulting with an experienced McAllen truck accident lawyer is the first step in navigating legal complexities. They can provide guidance on the potential claim and the necessary steps to take.

Keep documentation: Preserve all evidence related to the accident, including photos, medical records, and receipts for any expenses incurred.

Track lost income: Document any time missed from work and potential lost wages resulting from the accident.

Additionally, be aware of the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in the jurisdiction of the accident. This deadline is critical, as it could result in being able to recover compensation. A truck accident attorney will help ensure all actions are taken promptly to protect the victim’s rights.

At Tijerina Legal Group, PC, we recognize the challenges involved in Swift Commercial Truck Accidents. Since we’re located in the Rio Grande Valley, serving cities like McAllen, Pharr, Brownsville, Rio Grande, Mission, San Juan, and Alamo, our firm is experienced with personal injury law in these regions. Our legal professionals specialize in handling cases involving car crashes, 18-wheeler crashes, commercial vehicle crashes, and slip and falls/premises liability, dog bites, explosions, and wrongful death.

Recovering After a Swift Commercial Truck Accident

Truck accidents are a reality for all motorists, and Swift is no exception. Preventive strategies help when incidents cannot be prevented, but they should never be the lone resource for drivers. Massive trucking companies like Swift have more than enough money and resources to help keep their drivers from preventing incidents or assisting them when an accident cannot be avoided. Consulting with a Brownsville truck accident lawyer is advisable if you have been in an accident and suspect negligence on the part of the truck driver or the company. Our truck accident lawyers can provide valuable guidance on potential legal courses of action to protect your rights.

We are committed to the local community. We employ a strong focus on providing personalized care and achieving substantial medical and financial recovery for our clients. The Tijerina Legal Group, PC approach is tailored to suit the needs of families and individuals in communities which we proudly serve. Our slogan, “You win or you don’t pay us” (in Spanish, “Tu ganas o no nos pagas”), underlines our commitment to results, offering peace of mind through our contingency-based service.

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