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Get the Compensation You Deserve With the Help of a McAllen, Texas Auto Defects Injury Attorney

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  • Monday July 23rd, 2018

With the help of an auto defects injury attorney from Tijerina Legal Group P.C., you can get the compensation you deserve as a result of your injuries. We have extensive legal experience that is needed to successfully litigate defective automobile claims. We have represented individuals in both automotive manufacturing and design accidents for years because of defective tires, brakes, airbags, or seatbelts, just to name a few. We have also handled cases with vehicle rollovers because of unintended acceleration in a variety of vehicles in Texas. These auto defects can have a lasting effect on someone’s health and their quality of life.

Understanding Auto Defects

These defects in Texas are a result of a lack of either research or product testing. This allows vehicles to enter the marketplace without proper warning to consumers. As an auto defects injury attorney, it is our job to determine who is liable for your injuries and/or damages. One of our professional attorneys from Tijerina Legal Group P.C. knows how to fully investigate these types of defects and how to represent clients with injuries.

Liability & Automotive Product Defects Injuries

It’s important to understand that auto manufacturers must follow certain safety standards. This makes them legally responsible for vehicles they make and the ability to be held liable for defect-related accidents. A product is deemed defective if it contains any unsafe parts, is defective in design or manufacturing or lacks the proper warnings to consumers. This is where the work of an auto defects injury attorney comes to play.

Call an Auto Defects Injury Attorney Today

To win your case in Texas, you need the expertise of an auto defects injury attorney from Tijerina Legal Group P.C. by your side. To learn more about what we can do for your auto defects case, call our office today at 956-972-0141.

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