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Have You Been Injured in a McAllen Industrial Accident?

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  • Monday December 10th, 2018

Workers and contractors who make a living in McAllen at construction and in heavy industrial jobs work in one the most dangerous environments in America.  They face perils every day from heavy equipment, an extremely active workplace with a lot of dangerous activities, and threats from co-workers who may not be observing all safety rules that have been put into place.

Industrial Accidents Can Result in Serious Injuries or Death

Because of the sheer size and scope of an industrial workplace, when an industrial accident takes place, the results can be devastating for the worker and their family.  Injuries and deaths can take place from being crushed, electrocuted, in a fall, various types of equipment failure, exposure to highly caustic chemicals, fires, and many other mishaps.

Serious injuries can mean a long period of recovery or injuries that are permanent and will prevent a worker from ever returning to their job for the rest of their lives.  The grief and strain are further compounded when a loved one is killed on the job.  The financial and emotional devastation can be overwhelming.

Although workers injured on the job are protected by workers’ compensation laws, those laws only go so far in ensuring that a worker and their family are fairly compensated for their losses.  In many cases, it’s vitally important to retain an industrial accident attorney to pursue a full settlement, either through negotiations with responsible parties or by trial, if needed.

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