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Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney to Represent You in Texas

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  • Monday August 6th, 2018

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident in or around McAllen, Texas, a bicycle accident attorney can help represent you and to protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. When you ride a bike, you’re subject to danger on the road. Handling a bike accident lawsuit in Texas is similar to that of an auto accident. However, many issues can arise because a bicyclist doesn’t usually have insurance. This is where uninsured or underinsured insurance policies come into play. A bicycle accident attorney from Tijerina Legal Group P.C. understands all Texas bike laws and can apply them to your lawsuit.

What are some common bike accidents in Texas?

Two of the most common bike accidents involve the right turn where a vehicle turns into the path of a bicyclist or a left-hand turn where a vehicle turns in the path of a bicyclist causing injury. In both situations, the bicyclist can’t do much to prevent an accident from occurring. In Texas, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. By hiring one of our bicycle accident attorneys, you can sit back and leave the professional work to us. We collect evidence, investigate your case, and work to get you the settlement that you deserve.

Call to Speak to an Expert Attorney Today

Our bicycle accident attorney is qualified to represent bike accident victims like you. We have years of experience representing individuals like you and have a proven track record of success too. We are well respected in the Brownsville and McAllen, Texas area. This is because we have helped many individuals to get the compensation they deserve as a result of their injuries. A bike accident attorney can talk to you during a free consultation to determine whether you have a viable lawsuit. To schedule this important phone call, call our office at 956-972-0141 today.

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