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Hire a Texas Attorney to Represent You in Animal Attack Accident Cases

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  • Monday July 9th, 2018

Have you or a loved one been a victim of an animal attack accident in Texas? Animal attacks include dog bite accidents or any other animal-related accident that leads to serious injury. Whether or not the dog responsible for your injuries has bit someone before, it’s important to know that the dog owner can be held responsible for your injuries due to negligence law in Texas. Our animal attack accident attorney at Tijerina Legal Group P.C. can take the proper legal action against the dog owner to get you the maximum compensation that you deserve for your medical bills and other losses or damages.

We Work with Insurance Companies in Brownsville, Texas

With the help of one of our animal attack accident attorneys, we can allow you to heal while we represent you to negligent parties and insurance companies. Our extensive experience has taught us specifically that the biggest challenges aren’t to prove the attack occurred, but to secure insurance coverage that covers the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Ultimately, we have the legal knowledge needed to get you the compensation you deserve.

Have You Sustained Serious Injury as A Result of An Animal Attack Accident?

A dog bite accident or any other animal attack can lead to serious injuries that may require medical care or, even in severe cases, reconstructive surgery. These personal injury cases involve liability, meaning that the animal owner themselves is responsible for their pet’s action if they failed to secure the animal properly. Most homeowners’ insurance policies in McAllen cover these types of animal attacks.

Hire Expert Legal Help in Brownsville, Texas Today

After seeking medical attention and alerting the police of your animal attack, it’s time to hire a legal expert regarding animal attack accidents. At Tijerina Legal Group P.C., we have a team of legal experts ready and willing to help injured victims like you. To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our Texas attorneys, call our office at 956-972-0141.

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