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How Does Texas Law Protect Against Sidewalk Crossing Accidents?

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  • Monday October 15th, 2018

Preventing auto-related pedestrian accidents that are caused by negligent or distracted drivers in Texas, is the reason behind the laws that drivers and pedestrians must follow. Pedestrians are required to observe the rules on how and where they can safely cross streets or highways and motorists must grant the right of way to these pedestrians.

Understanding Traffic Laws in Brownsville

The law gives pedestrians the right of way over motor vehicles when they cross streets at intersections with traffic lights or pedestrian crossing signals. A pedestrian crossing, showing walk, grants this person the right of over vehicle traffic. If the intersection doesn’t have a traffic signal, then a motorist must yield to those in a crosswalk. A driver that is involved in sidewalk crossing accidents causing serious injuries can be charged with criminal charges.

Also, a pedestrian’s failure to yield to a motor vehicle doesn’t absolve the driver of responsibility during sidewalk crossing accidents. Texas law imposes a duty on drivers to exercise care and caution to avoid hitting pedestrians in Brownsville. This includes using a horn to give warning to someone in the street.

Hire an Expert Texas Attorney Today to Represent you in Your Personal Injury Case

Ultimately, at Tijerina Legal Group P.C., our personal injury attorney in Texas has years of experience representing individuals involved in sidewalk crossing accidents. We understand all traffic laws in Texas and know how to uphold them in a court of law when needed. We offer free consultations with individuals like you who are interested in our legal services and may have questions about our experience or the legal process ahead. To schedule this important phone call, call our Texas legal office today at 956-972-0141.

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