Pedestrian Accident Attorney in McAllen & Brownsville, TX

When someone is involved in a pedestrian accident, it can not only be life altering, it can be deadly. Pedestrian accidents occur every day in Texas and can involve any kind of vehicle, from a car, truck, RV, four-wheeler, motorcycle, or scooter. Factors leading to pedestrian accidents can include drugs or alcohol, distracted driving, speeding, failure to stop, or breaking other traffic laws in Texas. With the help of a professional pedestrian accident injury attorney from Tijerina Legal Group, you can ensure that your rights are protected, that you receive the medical treatment you need and that you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We can investigate your case and determine the cause of your accident anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley, from McAllen to Brownsville.

What to Do After Being Injured in a Pedestrian Accident in Texas

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident in Texas, it’s important to hire expert legal counsel to represent you when you need it most. At Tijerina Legal Group, we understand that this is a challenging time in your life. Getting the right attorney to help you is crucial to ensure you make a speedy recovery. When you hire our firm, whether in McAllen or Brownsville, you can count on receiving excellent medical care and have attorneys handle most of the insurance claim process to help you take the proper time you need to heal. We can speak on your behalf and aggressively represent you against the responsible parties or insurance companies, that way, we can help get you maximum compensation for your injuries. If it’s not you, but a loved one that been hurt in a pedestrian accident, we can assist you and your family during this difficult time. Our experienced and skilled lawyers, with a proven track record, can be the difference between getting the compensation you deserve, instead of being ignored by the insurance company.

How Our Attorneys Deal with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are a business. Many people believe that an insurance company is there to protect them and that the insurance company will do what’s “right” when a claim is opened. The truth is that insurance companies must focus on paying out the minimum amount for claims to increase their earnings and report back to their shareholders. Our team of attorneys will work closely to represent your interests against insurance companies to fight them when they try to get you to admit fault or place blame on you, instead of accepting responsibility. We aggressively fight and defend your rights when they try to claim that their insured is not responsible for your injuries. Our knowledgeable and skilled personal injury attorneys are always on your side and fully understand every aspect of these types of claims and the laws associated with auto accidents and pedestrian accidents in Texas.

What Our Accident Attorney Team Can Do for You And Your Loved Ones

The founder of our Firm, personal injury attorney Humberto Tijerina is well versed in all things related to pedestrian injury law in the state of Texas. He is always ready to work diligently on his clients’ behalf to protect their rights and to get them maximum compensation for their claim. He and his expert team at Tijerina Legal Group can sort through the details of your case in order to build a strong defense and mount an aggressive offense. After all, our goal is to achieve a fair settlement in an effective and quick manner. However, sometimes a case may require us to go to court to get you the justice you deserve. During this time, our expert personal injury attorney team, will guide you through the claims process so that you can feel as comfortable as possible.

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As soon as possible after an accident, it’s important to have a consultation with an expert pedestrian accident injury attorney from Tijerina Legal Group. During this conversation, we will obtain the details of your claim and the extent of your injuries. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about the legal experience, the legal process, and learn what the next steps will be for your claim. We represent clients in Brownsville and McAllen, Texas as well as the surrounding communities. To learn more and to schedule a consultation today with a pedestrian accidents attorney in Texas from Tijerina Legal Group, call us at (956) 777-7777.

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