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Pedestrian Accidents

Rio Grande Valley Pedestrian accident Lawyers

The Rio Grande Valley, TX, faces a high rate of pedestrian accidents, which is a serious concern for the residents. Among the most vulnerable are children and older adults, who face increased risks due to their limited ability to react swiftly and navigate traffic safely as pedestrians. The bustling streets, coupled with factors like distracted driving and inadequate pedestrian infrastructure, increase the risk of accidents for those on foot. 

Pedestrian accidents in the Rio Grande Valley may result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. The lack of protective barriers exposes pedestrians to the full impact of collisions, leading to severe consequences. At Tijerina Legal Group, our personal injury lawyer team recognizes the gravity of these situations, and aggressively represents pedestrian accident victims to achieve maximum compensation for their injuries and losses.

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Laws Our Rio Grande Valley Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Will Leverage to Protect Your Rights

In Texas, several laws are in place to protect pedestrians and hold motorists accountable for their safety. Tijerina Legal Group’s Rio Grande Valley, TX pedestrian accident attorneys leverage the full force of these laws to establish liability in pedestrian accident cases and maximize compensation for the injured victims.

Definition of Pedestrian (Texas Transportation Code Section 541.001)

Section 541.001 of the Texas Transportation Code provides a crucial definition, categorizing a pedestrian as any person on foot. This expansive definition ensures that the protection afforded by pedestrian-related laws extends to anyone navigating roadways on foot.

Duty of Due Care (Texas Transportation Code Section 552.006)

Motorists in Texas are legally bound by the duty of due care to avoid colliding with pedestrians. This fundamental principle, outlined in Section 552.006 of the Texas Transportation Code, establishes the responsibility of drivers to exercise caution and vigilance to prevent accidents involving individuals on foot.

Right-of-Way for Pedestrians (Texas Transportation Code Section 552.001)

Focusing on the importance of pedestrian safety, Section 552.001 establishes the duty of drivers to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in specific situations. This includes instances where pedestrians are crossing in marked crosswalks, underscoring the need for motorists to prioritize pedestrian safety.

Caution and Reduced Speed Near Pedestrians (Texas Transportation Code Section 552.008)

Section 552.008 of the Texas Transportation Code reinforces the obligation of drivers to exercise caution and reduce speed when approaching pedestrians. Particularly applicable in areas like marked crosswalks, this statute underscores the need for greater awareness to prevent accidents and protect individuals on foot.

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Rio Grande Valley Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Leading Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Rio Grande Valley are Ready to Represent You

Tijerina Legal Group’s Rio Grande Valley, TX accident attorneys strategically use the state’s legal framework to prove liability and maximize compensation in pedestrian accident cases. If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident, get our dedicated attorneys on your side today. Give us a call at (956) 777-7770 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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