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Slip and Fall

Rio Grande Valley Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

On the surface, slip, and fall cases may not seem all that serious, but in reality, these types of personal injury cases can involve devastating injuries, extensive damages, and tragic deaths.


Slip, and fall accidents fall under a type of personal injury law known as premises liability. When you are out at a grocery store, an amusement park, or even at work, the owner of that property is required by law to keep the area safe. This means clearing walkways, putting up proper signage, and conducting regular property maintenance. Sometimes, however, especially during construction or busy hours of operation, maintenance gets forgotten. This can lead to severe accidents, such as scaffolding that falls or tripping-related accidents. Such incidents can cause major head injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, as well as spinal cord injuries, back injuries, and even fatalities.


Attorney Humberto Tijerina understands how to litigate slip, and fall cases, as well as all types of premises liability claims. If you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence of a property owner or business owner, call Tijerina Legal Group today to discuss your case with an experienced slip, and fall attorney.

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The Texas Premises Liability Law

When it comes to premise liability in Texas, you are guaranteed a basic standard of care once you step onto someone else’s property. If the property contains a dangerous condition, and you suffer an injury because of it, then you may be able to file a claim to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Sign showing warning caution wet floor

What Are Dangerous Conditions?

“Dangerous” or “hazardous” property conditions include any condition that poses a risk of foreseeable harm. This means that a reasonable person would realize that the existing condition could potentially injure or harm someone.


Examples of dangerous property conditions that often lead to slip, and fall accidents include:

When property owners/managers are aware of these, and other tripping/slipping hazards but fail to properly remove, repair, or warn others of them, they can be held accountable for injuries sustained by guests, customers, employees, tenants, and others who are lawfully on the property.

Proving a Slip & Fall Claim

A premise liability case regarding slip, and fall accidents must prove a few key elements, including:

One of our team members can go into additional things that we look for when deciding whether to accept a slip, and fall case.

Why You Need an Attorney On Your Side To Handle Your Slip & Fall Accident

Handling premise liability cases requires thorough investigations, and extensive knowledge of Texas’s negligence laws. Choosing a skilled slip, and fall attorney with a proven track record of success in this particular area of law is key to your success.

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