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Texas Truck Accidents: Why Do They Occur?

Texas Truck Accidents: Why Do They Occur?

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  • Friday August 28th, 2015

These days, large freight carriers and other commercial vehicles, such as 18-wheelers, are a major presence on the same roads that are routinely occupied by much smaller passenger vehicles. That said, commercial truck drivers certainly should be aware of the special situations that can arise with respect to the large vehicles they operate. Still, automobile drivers on the road also need to be aware and use caution while in their presence.

Some of the Hazards Posed by Commercial Truck Drivers
For the most part, commercial truckers are skilled drivers. Nevertheless, in addition to the dangers that are intrinsic to the weight and size of trucks utilized in commercial shipping and transporting, there are many characteristics that are a natural part of the business that can contribute to traffic accidents, such as insufficient driver training with respect to safety concerns, driving techniques and overall defensive driving, and driver compensation systems that tend to encourage drivers operating the trucks for longer-than-advised times and driving at faster speeds than the law allows.

Additionally, trucking companies often have unrealistic expectations when it comes to scheduling, such that they will oftentimes encourage drivers to rush to make the delivery, despite all the safety risks.

Common Causes of Truck Collisions
In some cases, traffic accidents that occur between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle are caused in some part by a dangerous action on the part of the driver of the passenger vehicle. However, all too often, truckers can cause crashes that can result in devastating injuries or even death for those in smaller vehicles.

In Texas, many trucking accidents occur due to:

• Distracted driving
• Reckless driving and/or speeding
• Driver impairment
• Fatigue

Distracted driving has been a leading cause of crashes in Texas for many years. But with the influx of electronic gadgets and handheld devices, distraction is an even greater concern for lawmakers and law enforcement officers.

Anyone who watches or listens to the news knows that accidents involving speeding or reckless driving are regular occurrences all throughout the country. As noted above, truckers are often held to unreasonable timeframes and deadlines that lead them to speed just to ensure they meet the needs of their clients and/or employers. Although on-time shipments can be excellent from a business standpoint, such deadlines should not be achieved at the risk of truckers or others who share the road with them.

Other issues that lead to truck collisions are impaired driving and fatigue. Truckers who are tired or impaired by drugs and/or alcohol while operating their big rigs can not only cause serious accidents, but in some instances, the driver and/or those in the automobiles involved in the crash may be killed by the impact.

Millions of big commercial trucks traverse the U.S. highways every year; however, far too often, issues such as driver fatigue, distractions, mechanical failures, unsafe driving practices by the driver, and driving while under the influence can result in truckers having accidents that tend to lead to severe injury and even death for some victims. If you have been involved in a collision with a truck, let us help you fight for just compensation. Contact Tijerina Legal Group today.

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